Ixia provides actionable intelligence so
your network performs as your
customers expect


Ensure a well-designed network, properly provisioned, to achieve business goals


Secure network performance against a growing list of threat scenarios-impacting end users, brand, and profitability


Obtain solutions that give 100% visibility into traffic-eliminating blind spots and monitoring with real-time intelligence

We are proud to serve

  • 2014 Industry First ATI-Security Solution
  • 2014 Industry First Virtual Tap
  • 2014 Industry First 400GbE Test Solution

Strong market trends

Customer Pain Points

The cost of poorly designed, unmonitored, and unsecured network:

Major cyber attack hits Norwegian oil industry

Report: Pace of NFV adoption takes industry by surprise

Millions hit by Yahoo Japan hack attack

Home Depot Upped Defenses, But Hacker Moved Faster

iCloud Data Breach: Hacking And Celebrity Photos

NFV adoption to transform telecommunications infrastructure

Evernote Pounded By Aggressive Cyber Attack

Former Employees Are Suing Sony Over 'Epic Nightmare' Hack

Today’s IT Challenges

The Ixia Solution

Application Performance and Security Resilience

The Ixia Difference

Making sure you can seamlessly and securely deliver a quality experience to your customers is what Ixia brings to your business. We help validate the design, secure the rollout, and monitor the operation stages of your network.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive solutions portfolio to validate, secure, and optimize the complete network lifecycle.

Comprehensive Technology

Industry-first solutions developed to provide value in both virtual and physical environments.

Global Partners

Extensive global partner base to deliver solutions to customers worldwide.

Professional Services

Professional services and support to ensure successful deployment and operations 24/7.