Ixia's solutions test, assess, and optimize networks and data centers to accelerate and secure application delivery:

Ixia develops amazing products so its customers can connect the world. Ixia helps its customers provide an always-on user experience through fast, secure delivery of dynamic connected technologies and services. 

Through actionable insights that accelerate and secure application and service delivery, Ixia's customers benefit from faster time to market, optimized application performance and higher-quality deployments. 

Customer Focus

Ixia's award-winning solutions are used worldwide by network equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises, and governments to:

  • Assess and optimize network performance, validate compliance, and harden security.
  • Gain visibility into network applications and services to accelerate troubleshooting and enhance monitoring performance.
  • Harden mission-critical networks against attack and train personnel to recognize and eradicate vulnerabilities.
  • Improve performance, security, and application delivery of cloud, data center, and network services.
Key Statistics
  • Publicly traded: XXIA (Nasdaq)
  • Founded in May 1997
  • IPO in October 2000
  • Launched first 10GE testing solution in Q1, 2001
  • Complete layer 2-7 solution in 2001
  • Delivered world’s first 100GE test system in 2008
  • Delivered world’s first 40GE test system in 2009
  • Acquired wireless test company Catapult Communications in June 2009
  • Acquired Agilent’s N2X IP test division in October 2009
  • Acquired Wi-Fi test company VeriWave in July 2011
  • Acquired leading network visibility provider Anue Systems in June 2012
  • Acquired actionable security intelligence (ASI) pioneer BreakingPoint in August 2012
  • Acquired leading network visibility provider Net Optics in December 2013

The Ixia Difference

  • Ixia solutions optimize networks and data centers to accelerate, secure, and scale the deliver of applications and services for enterprises, equipment manufacturers, service providers, and governments.
  • Ixia solutions test the network infrastructure, performance, and security to facilitate new service and application roll-out, new equipment integration, and increased user requests.
  • Ixia solutions assess the network's ability to process service and application requests, handle a rapidly scaling user base, and whether security is affecting performance
  • Ixia solutions monitor network resource usage, providing visibility into how traffic is traversing your network, what types of traffic your network experiences, and if your network is secure.

Technologies Solution Leader

  • Wireless, 4G/LTE, and Wi-Fi devices and systems — provides large-scale handset emulation and realistic subscriber modeling to test the performance of nextgeneration access and core devices; verifies performance and security of Wi-Fi networks and devices: Wi-Fi AP and LAN controllers, client devices, residential gateways and routers, and Ethernet switches and branch office routers.
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing — validates virtualized infrastructure performance and security.
  • Security — preemptively tests the performance, security, and stability of network and security products using actionable security intelligence (ASI).
  • Traffic Visibility — provides traffic visibility and monitoring for production networks, to quickly connect diagnostic troubleshooting products without having to disconnect other monitoring tools from the network
  • Higher Speed Ethernet — verifies service delivery over 40 and 100Gbps links with first-to-market test solutions.
  • Data Center Optimization — Ethernet/Fibre Channel interfaces and protocols to test converged data center networks

Ixia's Powerful and Versatile Network Test and Visibility Solutions:

  • IxNetwork/IxN2X — tests IP routing and switching devices and broadband access equipment. Provides traffic generation and emulation for the full range of protocols: routing, MPLS, layer 2/3 VPNs, Carrier Ethernet, broadband access, and data center bridging.
  • IxLoad — quickly and accurately models high-volume video, data, and voice subscribers and servers to test real-world performance of multiservice delivery and security platforms.
  • IxCatapult — emulates a broad range of wireless access and core protocols to test wireless components and systems. When combined with IxLoad, provides an endto- end solution for testing wireless service quality.
  • IxVeriWave — employs a client-centric model to test Wi-Fi and wireless LAN networks by generating repeatable large-scale, real-world test scenarios that are virtually impossible to create by any other means.
  • BreakingPoint Security — provides global visibility into emerging threats and actionable insight that can be used to harden and maintain resilient networks and data centers.
  • Anue Net Tool Optimizer™ (NTO) — achieves complete network visibility with the easiest drag-and-drop control panel in the industry.
  • Test Automation — provides simple, comprehensive lab automation to help test engineering teams create, organize, catalog, and schedule execution of tests.
  • Innovative Hardware — employs chassis and load modules that enable plug-and-play configuration of technology specific protocols, interfaces, performance, impairment, and load density for 1/10/40/100GE, ATM-POS, and Fibre Channel networks.

Ixia's Service and Support