Ixia provides application performance and security resilience solutions to validate, secure, and optimize businesses’ physical and virtual networks. Enterprises, service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and governments worldwide rely on Ixia’s solutions to deploy new technologies and achieve efficient, secure, ongoing operation of their networks. Ixia's powerful and versatile solutions, expert global support, and professional services equip organizations to exceed customer expectations and achieve better business outcomes. 

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Customer Focus

Ixia provides application performance and security resilience solutions to validate, secure, and optimize physical and virtual networks.

  • Application performance means successfully deploying applications across networks so that your customers enjoy a quality user experience
  • Security resilience means ensuring networks are durable against ever-growing IT security threats, so that your customers are confident their online experience is protected.

Ixia is committed to helping your network perform at its highest level, so that end users get the best performing and most secure experience.

Application Performance

Security Resilience

  • Validate network functions in pre- and post-deployment environments
  • Optimize traffic across multiple infrastructures
  • Ensure service level agreement (SLA) compliance
  • Load balance between functions for optimal application performance
  • Simulate real-world attacks and malware threats
  • Deliver real-time threat intelligence for proactive protection
  • Harden the resiliency of critical security devices
  • Train cyber warriors for attack readiness

The Ixia Difference

Ixia’s global team has faced and helped overcome many of the challenges that the evolving Internet has thrown at the world.

Whether games, social media, online banking, video streaming, online shopping, automotive Ethernet, audio/visual services – application traffic IS the network. Now that customers expect network infrastructure to just work – no excuses accepted, whatever the application, the network experience must meet customer expectations.

Making sure you can seamlessly and securely deliver a quality experience to your customers is Ixia’s business. We help validate the design, secure the rollout, and monitor the operation stages of your network. Our solutions are available for both physical and virtual networking environments.

Ixia helps you monetize your network applications and services by delivering the best network experience to your customers.

  • Comprehensive solutions portfolio to validate, secure, and optimize the complete network lifecycle
  • Industry-first solutions developed to provide value in both virtual and physical environments
  • Extensive global partner base to deliver solutions to customers worldwide
  • Professional services and support to ensure successful deployment and operations 24/7

The Company

Ixia has over 1,800 employees in 23 countries, focused on serving a broad set of customers. Our customers include:

  • 74 of the Fortune 100 companies
  • 42 of the top 50 carriers
  • 15 of the top 15 global network equipment manufacturers (NEMs)

Key Statistics

  • Publicly traded: XXIA (Nasdaq)
  • Founded, May 1997
  • IPO, October 2000
  • Launched first 10GE testing solution in Q1, 2001
  • Complete layer 2-7 solution, 2001
  • Delivered world’s first 100GE test system, 2008
  • Delivered world’s first 40GE test system, 2009
  • Acquired wireless test company Catapult Communications, June 2009
  • Acquired Agilent’s N2X IP test division, October 2009
  • Acquired Wi-Fi test company VeriWave, July 2011
  • Acquired leading network visibility provider Anue Systems, June 2012
  • Acquired actionable security intelligence (ASI) pioneer BreakingPoint, August 2012
  • Acquired leading network visibility provider Net Optics, December 2013
  • Ixia recognized as a Fortune 100 Fastest-Growing Companies (2013)
  • Ixia named one of Forbes’ Fastest Growing Tech Companies (2013)
  • Unveiled leading Visibility Architecture, January 2014
  • Introduces World’s First 400GE Test Platform June 2014
  • Delivered industry-first Automotive Ethernet conformance solution, August 2014
  • Delivered industry-first Audio Video Bridging test solution, August 2014
  • Unveils Virtualized Application and Security Resilience test solution (BPS VE), February 2015

Ixia's Powerful and Versatile Network Life Cycle Solutions: Validation, Security, and Optimization

  • IxNetwork/IxN2X — tests IP routing and switching devices and broadband access equipment. Provides traffic generation and emulation for the full range of protocols: routing, MPLS, layer 2/3 VPNs, Carrier Ethernet, broadband access, and data center bridging.
  • IxLoad — quickly and accurately models high-volume video, data, and voice subscribers and servers to test real-world performance of multiservice delivery and security platforms.
  • IxCatapult — emulates a broad range of wireless access and core protocols to test wireless components and systems. When combined with IxLoad, provides an endto- end solution for testing wireless service quality.
  • IxVeriWave — employs a client-centric model to test Wi-Fi and wireless LAN networks by generating repeatable large-scale, real-world test scenarios that are virtually impossible to create by any other means.
  • BreakingPoint Security — provides global visibility into emerging threats and actionable insight that can be used to harden and maintain resilient networks and data centers.
  • Anue Net Tool Optimizer™ (NTO) — achieves complete network visibility with the easiest drag-and-drop control panel in the industry.
  • Net Optics Taps, Packet Brokers, and Visibility Management — provides total application and network visibility solutions that deliver real-time network intelligence for peak performance in network monitoring and security.
  • Test Automation — provides simple, comprehensive lab automation to help test engineering teams create, organize, catalog, and schedule execution of tests.
  • Innovative Hardware — employs chassis and load modules that enable plug-and-play configuration of technology specific protocols, interfaces, performance, impairment, and load density for 1/10/40/100GE, ATM-POS, and Fibre Channel networks

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