Ixia Labs

Ixia established Ixia Labs to pursue innovation in IP technologies. Errol Ginsberg, Ixia's founder, chairman of the board, and chief innovation officer heads the labs.

Ixia Labs is structured so as to accelerate innovation in IP technology. The lab's personnel will draw from and rotate with Ixia's engineering staff. Ixia Labs is also chartered to participate in international standards bodies, such as the IEEE and ITU.

The Ixia Labs' first project was the development of test equipment for high-speed Ethernet (HSE). It has thus far resulted in a 100GbE proof-of-concept demonstration, a 100GbE Development Accelerator System, a 40GbE proof-of-concept demonstration, and a 400GbE Jumpstart Test System.

Ixia Labs looks at emerging technologies that are a year or more from initial deployment," said Errol Ginsberg. "We started work on high-speed Ethernet more than a year ago and today we are ready with products that will speed 40, 100, and even 400GbE development.”