• Ixia is the top company who has delivered a 100 Gbps network testing solution that is reliable and functionally able to show 100 Gbps interoperability. Their solution provides a flexible, real-world environment. With Ixia, we are able to test the interoperability, performance, and features of 100 Gbps gear, allowing us to move forward in the development of next generation ultra high speed network service offerings in compliance with IEEE802.3ba specifications.
  • "Data centers have their own unique testing requirements above and beyond those of their individual components. Virtualization by itself replicates and complicates performance testing issues by a significant factor. Ixia has demonstrated strong leadership and claimed first mover advantage with their virtualization test initiative"
  • The key thing we found working in partnership with Ixia on this test scenario was a very highly scalable test platform that enabled us to do the loading and the traffic generation and the throughput tests that we were looking for, but also something that provided service level validation and a well-simulated real world environment that gave us a good view into what the subscriber’s quality of experience would be under this type of network loading and network scenario.
  • "FCoE testing is a rapidly growing requirement for the data center. Together, Ixia and SANBlaze are providing an indispensable solution for our mutual customer. Integrating with the Ixia platform is a natural fit since they lead the industry in 10 GbE IP performance testing."
  • "Anite is pleased to be able to work with Ixia and extend the industry leading qualities of SAS. Mobile video applications are pacing the take-up of 3G handsets worldwide. Anite is committed to ensuring that the industry has the tools to ensure that these applications deliver on the expectations of customers."
  • Our SSX devices allow operators to manage the growing capacity challenges of today’s 3G networks, while ensuring a smooth transition to the rigorous 4G/LTE environment. Handling GTP at scale is not only necessary for key 3G core elements, but for new data offload applications as well, and GTP will remain integral to LTE deployments. Ixia has been a good partner for Stoke, working jointly to push the performance envelope of mobile network test equipment. Ixia’s IxNetwork test solution enables us to validate our ability to reliably process GTP for mobile data offload deployments today, while...
  • "In our rush to cash in on the benefits of virtualization, we seem to have overlooked the problems associated with assessing the end to end performance of virtualized networks. IxVM provides the vantage points for emulating and measuring system performance down to the virtual component. Ixia has demonstrated strong leadership and claimed first mover advantage by filling this gap with their virtualization test initiative."
  • "Using Ixia's IxLoad test application enables our team at Alcatel's Strategic Solutions Lab to simulate realistic test environments depicting Triple Play networks. IxLoad provides valuable insights into the performance of various end-to-end networking components. Additionally, it offers a means to validate the impact of various 'parameter tunings' by measuring the overall effects of imposed network changes. We are pleased with its feature richness, its measurement capabilities and its ease of use."