• New infrastructure will be required in the 4G era as the explosion of mobile data use continues to tax wireless networks. With popular video-centric applications requiring low jitter, latency, and loss, the industry’s base station designers are looking for advanced solutions such as Mindspeed’s Transcede processor to support the computational complexity and processing requirements for next generation equipment. Ixia’s wireless test solutions for LTE base stations are ideal for subscriber modeling, rich video traffic generation, and quality of experience measurements.
  • "The technology developments from Infinera, Avago and Ixia mark very significant steps towards making 100 GbE services a reality. The flexibility of Infinera’s Bandwidth Virtualization, based on our highly scalable photonic integration platforms, makes Infinera the best-positioned optical systems developer to bring 100 GbE services to market"
  • "Buying Ixia has helped us deliver superbly managed solutions. With Ixia, we can test network hardware before deploying it, which helps us make the best decisions about which hardware to buy," said Djerk Geurts, Easynet Research and Development network engineer. "It has improved service designs and allowed us to unify our network access service across Europe."
  • MindTree Wireless uses Ixia's wireless test solutions to test and demonstrate the functionality of its LTE radio base stations (eNodeB). Ixia's test system helps MindTree to bring high quality products to our OEM and operator customers. Ixia’s solutions are ideal for emulating the necessary real-world traffic models to fully validate the functionality and performance of new LTE access devices.
  • "In Nortel’s research and development labs we work with the latest equipment in order to help us keep ahead of the technology curve. We chose Ixia’s 100 GE DAS because it is a market leading implementation. Ixia’s standards-based test platform provides Nortel with an important tool to accelerate development of emerging 100GE service functionality and performance"
  • "Test Conductor addresses about 80 percent of our test automation needs out of the box and significantly enhances our in-house automation efforts," said Steve Mitchell, manager, Integrated Systems Test Teams at F5 Networks, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking. "With Test Conductor, we are able to reduce our regression cycles significantly, with less interaction from our testing experts, shortening testing cycles and enabling us to go to market more quickly."
  • "Ixia is the only company who has delivered a 100Gbps network testing solution at this point. Their solution has the flexibility to provide a real-world environment,” “With Ixia, we are able to test interoperability, performance and features of 100Gbps gear, allowing us to move forward in the development of next generation ultra high speed network service offerings in a timely manner prior to the ratification of IEEE802.3ba"
  • "With Ixia, we are able to make sure that our network will perform reliably whenever we introduce new hardware or software," says Eric Douglas, Deltacom Vice President of Engineering. "With Ixia, we are able to test hardware and software before deployment. It’s paid off for us — we no longer have any problems with network performance and reliability when we deploy new hardware and software."
  • Ixia is the only performance test vendor to offer a cost-effective solution for high-end ADCs, particularly in the difficult SSL TPS and layer 4 connections per second benchmarks. Testing high-end ADCs requires best-of-breed layer 4-7 testing equipment, so naturally Ixia was our vendor of choice.