Date: 5/29/2015, Author: Garett Montgomery. Since I last wrote about Strike Lists back in 2013 ( ), I've fielded quite a few questions about Strike Lists and their usage. Since we've got another canned Strike List that will be added as part of the upcoming ATI-2015-11 Strikepack, I thought now would be a good time to revisit the topic, as well as share some answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.
Date: 5/26/2015, Author: Thananya Baldwin. We are already used to seeing Ethernet speeds such as 40GbE, 100GbE, and even 400GbE. When you hear a lot of buzz surrounding 25GbE in the industry, you are probably thinking why the slower Ethernet speed is making so much noise? I hope to explain why 25GE is important to the market.
Date: 5/27/2015, Author: Mihail Constantinescu. As the business-critical infrastructure of most organizations, networks today must handle the complexity of multiple domains like cloud and mobile, and content that traverses firewall-protected segments. Ixia’s IxChariot 9.0 is the right performance test solution to help IT groups who are challenged daily to quickly discover and resolve bottlenecks that occur at any point in the network.
Date: 5/21/2015, Author: Dragos Comaneci. DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) represents a set of communication protocols that are deployed between components in process automation systems. It is mainly used in utilities such as electric and water companies and was developed for communications between different types of data acquisition and control equipment. In SCADA systems, DNP3 is used by SCADA Master Stations (Control Centers), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs).
Date: 5/19/2015, Author: Phil Trainor. Correctly implementing your security solution in the presence of complex, high-volume user traffic has always been a difficult challenge for network architects. The data in transit on your network originates from many places and fluctuates with respect to data rates, complexity, and the occurrence of malicious events. Internal users create vastly different network traffic than external users using your publically available resources. Synthetic network traffic from bots has very recently ousted real users as the most prevalent creators of network traffic on the internet. How do you maximize your investment in a security solution while gaining the most value from the deployed solution? The answer is intelligent deployment through realistic preparation.
Date: 5/15/2015, Author: Scott Register. Trying to detect intrusions in your network and extracting data from your network is a tricky business. Deep insight requires a deep understanding of the context of your network traffic—where are connections coming from, where are they going, and what are the specific applications in use.
Date: 5/12/2015, Author: Lori Cornmesser. With enterprises of all sizes looking for end-to-end solutions to performance and security challenges, Ixia continues to cultivate a global channel of premier VAR, distributor, technology, and systems integrator partners to best address their needs. This week, we’re announcing a major expansion of the Channel Xcelerate partner program we launched back in 2014, with changes designed to fast-track partner revenues, expand and grow opportunities, and increase strategic value to customers.