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BreakingPoint Application and Security Test Solutions

BreakingPoint Security Solutions

In today's world of crippling cyber-attacks and dynamic applications, organizations need to know that their networks are secure enough to handle the worst that cyber criminals can throw at them. BreakingPoint provides test solutions to help enterprises, service providers, and equipment manufacturers:

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Now, with the new PerfectStorm Fusion load modules and XGS12 chassis, BreakingPoint is an all-in-one security and performance testing platform for massive-scale, stateful layer 4-7 application and security testing. It is the only system that provides modular scalability that achieves near Terabit levels of mixed application and malicious traffic to test all elements of today’s complex data centers.

With PerfectStorm, Ixia delivers the first platform to seamlessly unify the IxLoad and BreakingPoint software applications into a single, more powerful system-one that can validate every element of the data center to ensure the secure delivery of mission-critical applications that today's users demand.

With BreakingPoint, you'll gain a global visibility into emerging threats and applications, along with advance insight into the resiliency of an organization's IT infrastructure under operationally-relevant conditions and malicious attacks.

The BreakingPoint ATI program provides updates every 2 weeks, ensuring delivery of the industry's most up to date application and threat intelligence, including 200+ stateful application protocols, 6,000+ real-world attacks, and 35,000+ live malware samples found in enterprise, core, and mobile networks.

BreakingPoint solutions include:

BreakingPoint products include:


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