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Ixia equipment rental allows you to manage your short-term project and contract costs effectively, while conserving your capital and without a long-term commitment. Rentals allow you to obtain the latest in Ixia hardware and software applications on short notice.

Renting from Ixia allows you to:

  • Rent directly from the manufacturer. The equipment you rent is always the latest available, with current hardware and software revisions. Prompt delivery is assured.
  • Rent both hardware and test applications. Your rental can include any of Ixia's test applications.
  • Apply rental payments toward purchase. During the first 90 days, your rental payments can be applied toward a purchase of the rented equipment.
  • Included support and updates. You'll enjoy customer support from one of the best organizations in the business, complete with free software updates during your rental period.
  • Tax advantages. Rental payments are treated as operating expenses.*

Rental Details

Transaction size: Minimum $1,000.
Terms: Minimum 90 day rental
Down-payment: First month rental and signed rental agreement due prior to shipment.
Buyout: During the first 90 days of a rental, a percentage of rental payments may be applied to purchase of the rented equipment.
Support and software updates Included

Rent Efficient Network Test Solutions


To rent from Ixia today, please call us at 1.877.367.4942 (Int'l: 1.818.871.1800), or fill in the form below.