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Customer Reference

“We invested heavily in a robust testing infrastructure for our small cell software to ensure that our solutions are of the utmost quality and Ixia’s comprehensive approach to both functional and performance testing is a major component of that strategy.”
Todd Mersch, Director of Product Line Management, Radisys

"Tata Elxsi offers customers a full-featured solution for small cells and a strong professional services team that can help them take it to market quickly. Ixia’s IxCatapult helps Tata Elxsi ensure high product quality and performance in our LTE small cell software suite."
Nitin Pai, Vice President, Marketing, Tata Elxsi

"Cisco is committed to providing IPv6-capable Wi-Fi connectivity to LANs, WANs, and the Internet," said Jake Woodhams, Director of Technical Marketing at Cisco. "Ixia's IxVeriWave IPv6 capabilities are a timely addition to the WaveTest portfolio. We use the WaveTest system in development, QA, and marketing of our IPv6-capable Wi-Fi solutions allowing us to keep a rapid pace of innovation while maintaining our leading position in this market. Furthermore, great tools like WaveTest give us the critical data we need to partner closely with our customers on the migration to IPv6."
Jake Woodhams, Director of Technical Marketing, Cisco

"Ixia's MPLS-TP emulation was extremely valuable in demonstrating our ability to successfully stitch together multi-segment pseudowires between the MPLS and MPLS-TP domains," said Jon Berger, Director of Control Plane Technologies from Metaswitch Networks. "Furthermore, Ixia's test solution helped verify our ability to establish OAM sessions - an important test to showcase as OAM is a fundamental driver of MPLS-TP's momentum."
Jon Berger, Director of Control Plane Technologies, Metaswitch Networks

Security concerns are at the forefront of IT managers' minds as they seek to balance security and access. They face a continuous stream of updates from security equipment vendors to fend off the latest attacks, requiring constant configuration changes. This highly dynamic security environment drives the need for continuous testing with solutions like Ixia's.
Jeff Wilson, Analyst, Infonetics

The SonicWALL SuperMassive E10000 Series of Next-Generation Firewalls offers previously unprecedented levels of massively multi-core architecture and granular application intelligence and control functionality. With this level of scale and performance, we require city-scale vulnerability and multiplay traffic to test them. Ixia's IxLoad-Attack product is currently the only commercial test platform that can accurately test our devices with the scale and scope that our products demand.
John Gmuender, Vice President of Engineering and CTO, SonicWALL

Femtocells are already revolutionizing 3G networks, improving coverage, handling the increased data traffic generated by smartphones, and offering consumers more personalized services. We believe that small cells will be even more important in LTE networks, which is why we devised our PC960x to give our customers a flying start in their infrastructure designs. Ixia's IxCatapult test solution provides end-to-end system-level validation - a valuable contribution to speeding deployment and ensuring carrier-class quality.
Paul Neil, LTE Product Manager, Picochip

Ixia played an important role in the Ethernet Alliance’s SC10 exhibit. Their test hardware and applications were instrumental in our data center bridging and higher speed Ethernet demonstrations. Ixia’s ability to generate real-world traffic and provide performance measurements helped prove that these new Ethernet technologies are ready for the data center and carrier networks.
Thomas Scheibe, Chair of the Board, Ethernet Alliance

New infrastructure will be required in the 4G era as the explosion of mobile data use continues to tax wireless networks. With popular video-centric applications requiring low jitter, latency, and loss, the industry’s base station designers are looking for advanced solutions such as Mindspeed’s Transcede processor to support the computational complexity and processing requirements for next generation equipment. Ixia’s wireless test solutions for LTE base stations are ideal for subscriber modeling, rich video traffic generation, and quality of experience measurements.
Alan Taylor, Marketing Director, Mindspeed's Communications Convergence Processing (CCP) Business Unit.

The bandwidth necessary to support data center applications and traffic is immense, and continues to grow. Conversely, tolerance for data center size, power, and cost continues to diminish. Mellanox's leading interconnect devices are designed to deliver the performance and efficiency needed to meet these requirements. In our continuing development of HSE solutions, we needed a recognized leader in HSE testing, with a field-tested product that can generate the amount and types of traffic necessary to really stress our next-generation 40GE NICs. Ixia's solutions perform at our high standards.
Amit Krig, Senior Director of Engineering, Mellanox Technologies

MindTree Wireless uses Ixia's wireless test solutions to test and demonstrate the functionality of its LTE radio base stations (eNodeB). Ixia's test system helps MindTree to bring high quality products to our OEM and operator customers. Ixia’s solutions are ideal for emulating the necessary real-world traffic models to fully validate the functionality and performance of new LTE access devices.
Ton van Kampen, VP Sales and Marketing, MindTree Wireless

Ixia's large-scale testing capability enabled us to increase our VIPRION test coverage and achieve our optimal goals, while reducing the overall amount of test equipment required.
Karen Jester, Senior Director of Product Management, F5 Networks

Ixia is the only performance test vendor to offer a cost-effective solution for high-end ADCs, particularly in the difficult SSL TPS and layer 4 connections per second benchmarks. Testing high-end ADCs requires best-of-breed layer 4-7 testing equipment, so naturally Ixia was our vendor of choice.
Mike Lowell, Director of Product Management Engineering, F5 Networks

What made this test achievable for us was the ease of use of the Ixia test equipment, the comprehensive GUI that provided configuration and management of the test environment and the comprehensive statistics that really enabled us to understand through each of the test scenarios and test scripts exactly what was happening in the test.
Lindsay Newell, VP Marketing, IP Division, Alcatel-Lucent

Bouyges Telecom has been using both Ixia and Catapult for several years now to test both core and edge of our 3G network. We're glad to see the combined companies working diligently to deliver new and innovative solutions to help us roll out services faster with higher success rates.
Jean-Marc Pascal, Bouyges Telecom

IxANVL helped us successfully shorten the development period by about a year, which resulted in reducing costs to under 10 million Yen. Using IxANVL significantly decreased post-release bugs, and improved both product quality and customer satisfaction.
Mr. Seiji Tsuboi, Chinese Business Management Group (Group Strategic Planning Office)

With Ixia we are able to test interoperability, performance and features of 100Gbps networking equipment, allowing us to develop the innovative, ultra high speed network service offerings in a timely manner prior to the ratification of the IEEE802.3ba standard. Ixia provided the necessary solution to validate our 100 Gbps link test.
Wolfgang Schmitz, Senior Vice President , DT's Technology Engineering Center

Ixia is the top company who has delivered a 100 Gbps network testing solution that is reliable and functionally able to show 100 Gbps interoperability. Their solution provides a flexible, real-world environment. With Ixia, we are able to test the interoperability, performance, and features of 100 Gbps gear, allowing us to move forward in the development of next generation ultra high speed network service offerings in compliance with IEEE802.3ba specifications.
Mr. Kohei Kitade, IP Network Department of Network Business Division, NTT Communications

The key thing we found working in partnership with Ixia on this test scenario was a very highly scalable test platform that enabled us to do the loading and the traffic generation and the throughput tests that we were looking for, but also something that provided service level validation and a well-simulated real world environment that gave us a good view into what the subscriber’s quality of experience would be under this type of network loading and network scenario.
Lindsay Newell, VP Marketing, IP Division, Alcatel-Lucent

Our SSX devices allow operators to manage the growing capacity challenges of today’s 3G networks, while ensuring a smooth transition to the rigorous 4G/LTE environment. Handling GTP at scale is not only necessary for key 3G core elements, but for new data offload applications as well, and GTP will remain integral to LTE deployments. Ixia has been a good partner for Stoke, working jointly to push the performance envelope of mobile network test equipment. Ixia’s IxNetwork test solution enables us to validate our ability to reliably process GTP for mobile data offload deployments today, while paving the way for expanding the SSX’s role in LTE’s evolved packet core tomorrow.
David Arnold, Vice President of Engineering, Stoke

"VoIP services have already been widely adopted by consumers and SOHOs, but we expect the next growth in adoption to come from SMBs. For them, service reliability and voice quality will be key buying criteria. With Ixia's new IxLoad Voice, service providers can comprehensively test their networks before they ramp up these high value subscribers, so that there are no surprises when subscribers are turned up."
Matthias Machowinski, Analyst, Infonetics

"In order to deploy reliable mobile networks, the industry must move away from just looking at the underpinnings of the networks to what their subscribers actually see and experience. Ixia has demonstrated experience in modeling real world networks and user applications from the core of the network and has now extended it to the wireless edge. This capability will allow operators to truly evaluate their wireless networks from a subscriber's perspective."
Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst, Quocirca

"The P2P emulation provided by IxLoad simplifies the creation of real-world test environments for verifying inline DPI solutions."
Rajiv Papneja, Director, Isocore

"Adobe Flash technology is on over 98 percent of connected computers and more than one billion devices. Because of its prevalence, our customers expect a high level of quality of experience when delivering content via the Adobe Flash Platform and must be confident of their media rich streaming abilities. Ixia's IxLoad tests Flash Player protocols with realistic, high-capacity traffic emulation to accurately plan network capacity."
John Collins, Global OEM Partner Manager, Rich Media Solutions, Adobe

"Emulation of IPv6 routing protocols and routing protocol convergence testing is important for Moonv6, as are reliable and accurate operational statistics. Successful interoperability events like these provide the necessary level of confidence for critical deployment of IPv6 technology by private industry,ISPs, and of course, by the Department of Defense itself"
Ben Schultz, Managing Engineer, UNH-IOL

"Every year we must review some of the best and most promising new technology solutions, and it is always challenging to determine the winner. Using our very thorough evaluation process, Ixia's IPv6 Test Series1 was selected as a Best of Interop winner because it is the most innovative solution in the Test and Measurement category"
Ron Anderson, Lab Director, Network Computing

"The technology developments from Infinera, Avago and Ixia mark very significant steps towards making 100 GbE services a reality. The flexibility of Infinera’s Bandwidth Virtualization, based on our highly scalable photonic integration platforms, makes Infinera the best-positioned optical systems developer to bring 100 GbE services to market"
Andy Moorwood, Vice President of Systems Engineering, Infinera

"In Nortel’s research and development labs we work with the latest equipment in order to help us keep ahead of the technology curve. We chose Ixia’s 100 GE DAS because it is a market leading implementation. Ixia’s standards-based test platform provides Nortel with an important tool to accelerate development of emerging 100GE service functionality and performance"
Dino DiPerna, Vice President of R&D for Metro Ethernet Networks, Nortel

"Ixia is the only company who has delivered a 100Gbps network testing solution at this point. Their solution has the flexibility to provide a real-world environment,” “With Ixia, we are able to test interoperability, performance and features of 100Gbps gear, allowing us to move forward in the development of next generation ultra high speed network service offerings in a timely manner prior to the ratification of IEEE802.3ba"
Kohei Kitade, IP Network Department, NTT Communications

"Juniper Networks MX Series Ethernet Services Router delivers high density and innovative layer 2/3 Ethernet services at scale. Ixia's IxNetwork ViperCore enabled Juniper to fully stress the comprehensive capabilities of our multi-access, multi-protocol, multi-domain MPLS VPN toolkit," said Mehdi Sif, Director of Technical Marketing at Juniper Networks. "In addition, IxNetwork's TrueView™ convergence time measurement allowed Juniper to measure multi-service convergence and quality of experience with precision and repeatability"
Mehdi Sif, Director, Technology Marketing, Juniper

"Ixia's support during the hot-staging event was crucial to the successful completion of the event and substantially accelerated testing. Using Ixia's full stack implementation, we were able to validate several vendors' implementations of PBB-TE and VPLS. Ixia's mature IxNetwork solution allowed us to measure functionality and performance of the various Carrier Ethernet transport, OAM and resiliency protocols"
Carsten Rossenhövel, Managing Director, EANTC

"It's encouraging to have Ixia's solution certified as interoperable with other Ecosystem implementations, especially during a time when we are seeing great interest in multi-vendor solutions for Carrier Ethernet in general and PBT in particular. Considering Ixia's functional, performance and scalability testing capabilities, they're in a good position to help advance the industry. As a solution, Ethernet is cost effective, simple to use, and can grow network capacity with demand"
Mike Adams, Vice President of Strategy and Architecture, Metro Ethernet Networks, Nortel

"IxNetwork delivered very high traffic levels and protocol emulation that allowed us to benchmark the breakthrough performance of the MX 3D router. IxNetwork allowed us to showcase the MX 3D's scale across the bandwidth, service and subscriber dimension concurrently and test the largest routing topologies."
Mehdi Sif, Director, Technology Marketing, Juniper

"Data centers have their own unique testing requirements above and beyond those of their individual components. Virtualization by itself replicates and complicates performance testing issues by a significant factor. Ixia has demonstrated strong leadership and claimed first mover advantage with their virtualization test initiative"
Zeus Keravala, Senior Analyst , Yankee Group

"FCoE testing is a rapidly growing requirement for the data center. Together, Ixia and SANBlaze are providing an indispensable solution for our mutual customer. Integrating with the Ixia platform is a natural fit since they lead the industry in 10 GbE IP performance testing."
Steven Munroe, President and CEO, SANBlaze Technology

"In our rush to cash in on the benefits of virtualization, we seem to have overlooked the problems associated with assessing the end to end performance of virtualized networks. IxVM provides the vantage points for emulating and measuring system performance down to the virtual component. Ixia has demonstrated strong leadership and claimed first mover advantage by filling this gap with their virtualization test initiative."
Zeus Keravala, Senior Analyst , Yankee Group

"We're eager to demonstrate the advancements in congestion management available in the Monaco switch platform, because these capabilities augment the low latency and other features of FocalPoint that have made Fulcrum a leader in Ethernet data center switching. This demonstration with Ixia offers a real-world test of the capabilities of our switching products and assures our customers that this new platform will deliver the lossless data transmission necessary for Ethernet-based SAN applications"
Mike Zeile, Chief Operating Officer, Fulcrum Microsystems

"The Ethernet Alliance is pleased to have Ixia and Fulcrum participate in this unique Ethernet ecosystem demonstration at SC08. Their collaboration to demonstrate FCoE highlights the ability of Ethernet to be used as a unified fabric for storage and LAN traffic."
Brad Booth, Ethernet Alliance Board Chair

"Ixia's converged data center test capabilities are key to our upcoming assessment of fibre channel and fibre channel over Ethernet switches. In order to certify overall data center switch performance you must make measurements when the device is fully loaded with both stateful application and data storage traffic, and during periods of extreme control plane stress associated with new Data Center Bridging and FCoE protocols. Ixia has the port density and breadth of supported applications that allow us to do complete switch characterization, including throughput, I/O performance and energy efficiency, in a single unified test platform."
Frank Berry, CEO, IT Brand Pulse

"Ixia is a highly valued source of test tools for all Juniper divisions. Moving beyond our traditional use of their industry-leading 1 and 10 GE interface solutions, Ixia’s innovative K2 100 GE solution has become instrumental in helping us move into 100 Gigabit Ethernet ahead of our competition."
Opher Kahane, Senior Vice President and General Manager, High-End Systems Business Unit, Juniper Networks

"We are pleased that the test proved the capabilities and performance of the ProCurve 8212zl switch. Ixia's integrated test solution provided an essential and rigorous real-world test. The fact that Ixia has the capability to generate stateful and stateless traffic at 10 GbE line speeds gives a superb insight into the realistic performance of the 8212zl."
Nick Hancock, Product Manager, ProCurve

"SeaChange is focused on giving operators 24x7 reliability, even under the most demanding peak hour streaming conditions," said Tom Rosenstein, vice president of product marketing and alliances, SeaChange. "Our trademark performance is the product of our clustered servers and comprehensive software. By supporting Ixia’s testing solution, we’re enabling our customers to further ensure quality as their services continue to grow."
Tom Rosenstein, Vice President of Product Marketing and Alliances, SeaChange

"Buying Ixia has helped us deliver superbly managed solutions. With Ixia, we can test network hardware before deploying it, which helps us make the best decisions about which hardware to buy," said Djerk Geurts, Easynet Research and Development network engineer. "It has improved service designs and allowed us to unify our network access service across Europe."
Djerk Geurts, Research and Development network engineer, Easynet

"Test Conductor addresses about 80 percent of our test automation needs out of the box and significantly enhances our in-house automation efforts," said Steve Mitchell, manager, Integrated Systems Test Teams at F5 Networks, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking. "With Test Conductor, we are able to reduce our regression cycles significantly, with less interaction from our testing experts, shortening testing cycles and enabling us to go to market more quickly."
Steve Mitchell, Manager, Integrated Systems Test Teams, F5 Networks

"With Ixia, we are able to make sure that our network will perform reliably whenever we introduce new hardware or software," says Eric Douglas, Deltacom Vice President of Engineering. "With Ixia, we are able to test hardware and software before deployment. It’s paid off for us — we no longer have any problems with network performance and reliability when we deploy new hardware and software."
Eric Douglas, Vice President of Engineering, Deltacom

"10GBASE-T presents an inflection point. The Ixia 10GBASE-T module is a critical and necessary first step in the industry's ability to offer cost-effective 10GbE switches and NICs to customers and accelerate the 10GbE market. Ixia's test kit has been vital to our product development effort. All of the switch and server OEMs need standards-complaint test gear now for Layer 2/4 testing of their 10GBASE-T ports and NICs to meet their time to market requirements."
Bruce Tolley, Vice President of Marketing, Solarflare Communications

"As Wi-Fi proliferates beyond the PC into a wide range of consumer electronics, the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ programs have evolved as well. We are pleased to have Ixia as an important contributor in that process."
Frank Hanzlik, Managing Director, Wi-Fi Alliance

"We chose IxLoad for its ability to realistically demonstrate to our customers the high-performance and quality of our IPTV products, including such advanced technologies such as Video On Demand. Ixia's ability to emulate real-world traffic is invaluable in highlighting the capabilities of our triple play solution."
Lionel Gremeau, Marketing and Pre-Sales Director, ECI Telecom France

"Ixia's participation is playing an important role in the success of our Multi-Vendor Interoperability Event. Ixia has a long and successful history of providing leadership and fostering the development of MPLS. Their performance during this Interop event exceeds our expectations."
Carsten Rossenhövel, Managing Director, EANTC

"Ixia is an established leader for testing performance for IP communications, which forms the basis of IMS. We're very happy to have Ixia participate in our first Plugfest and look forward to working with the company on future IMS Forum events."
Michael Khalilian, Chairman and President of IMS Forum, CTO of Pervasip Corp

"Anite is pleased to be able to work with Ixia and extend the industry leading qualities of SAS. Mobile video applications are pacing the take-up of 3G handsets worldwide. Anite is committed to ensuring that the industry has the tools to ensure that these applications deliver on the expectations of customers."
Rick Gelaky, Product Marketing Manager, Anite

"As Bell Canada moves quickly to offer Triple Play services to our customers, the Aptixia IxLoad test application from Ixia allows us to accurately test and verify multiple vendor network elements on a multitude of IP service offerings in our pre-deployment lab. This enables us to properly groom and configure our production network prior to launching IP services, saving us time and unnecessary operational expense."
Dave Burns, Director, IP Service Delivery Testing, Bell Canada

"Using Ixia's IxLoad test application enables our team at Alcatel's Strategic Solutions Lab to simulate realistic test environments depicting Triple Play networks. IxLoad provides valuable insights into the performance of various end-to-end networking components. Additionally, it offers a means to validate the impact of various 'parameter tunings' by measuring the overall effects of imposed network changes. We are pleased with its feature richness, its measurement capabilities and its ease of use."
Patti Van Bruggen, Manager, Alcatel CTO Strategic Solutions Lab North America


1Ixia's IPv6 Test Series includes IPv6 conformance validation utilizing Ixia's ANVL test suites, simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 traffic generation and analysis at wire speed for testing dual-stack and tunneling migration methodologies, IPv6 encodes and decodes, as well as IS-IS and RIPng protocol emulation. Identification of IPv6 routers in a network is facilitated using the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (RFC 2461). Address Auto configuration (RFC 2462) and Path MTU Discovery Protocols are also supported.

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