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IxCatapult Chassis

IxCatapult is supported by a range of hardware platforms, a line of Ixia-designed network interface cards, and a test library of over 900 protocols and protocol variants. Unmatched in flexibility and scalability, these systems meet the needs for testing different stages in the product life cycle, different test environments, and different network technologies.

Ixia offers a variety of Linux-based hardware platforms to address a range of telecom test environments and price performance needs.

Key features include:

  • Rackmount and desktop form factors
  • Scalable load using a variable number of Ixia-designed interface cards
  • On-board computer eliminates need for external administration
  • Configurable as either stand-alone or networked shelves
  • Based on PCI and cPCI industry standards

m500 Platform

The m500 test platform delivers unprecedented load test performance by using an industry standard mesh backplane that allows the physical test interface to be driven by one or many mesh computing unit cards. The CompactPCI mesh backplane is the heart of the m500 architecture and provides up to ten times the performance of traditional PCI bus test platforms. The mesh backplane supports full bandwidth of 765 Gb/sec.

IxCatapult m500
18 cPCI card slots Mesh Architecture 10U 23" Rackmount


t600 Peripheral

t600 MicroTCA LTE UE Sector Card Set
t600 MicroTCA LTE UE Sector Card Set

The t600 MicroTCA and associated sector card set, together with the m500 platforms, simulates LTE UE traffic generating thousands of calls to full eNodeB capacity.

A winning combination of hardware, software, and global support services make Ixia's telecom test systems second to none. Give us a call if we can help solve your testing requirements.

Network Interface Cards

Ixia-designed network interface cards offer optimized performance. These interface cards provide the processing and signal conditioning needed to interface to a variety of networking environments.

Key Features:

  • Multiple concurrent physical interfaces to the network (or DUT)
  • On-board processors run multiple protocols simultaneously


  • Serial

p250/p400 Platforms

The p250 and p400 platforms utilize the PCI bus architecture and are ideal for functional, conformance and interoperability testing. A range of form factors, from rack mount to desktop to transportable, meet a wide range of test environment needs.

p250 p400

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