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Effective Energy Efficiency Measurements - IP Networks




  • The industry's first fully integrated “green” test and measurement solution
  • ATIS Specification Compliance
  • ECR Specification Compliance
  • Fully integrated energy consumption measurements
  • Real-time result analysis and logging
  • Detailed, automated reports
  • Device classes supported: ECR Class 1- Routers, ECR Class 3 – Ethernet L2/L3 Switches

Rising energy prices have made data center energy costs a noticeable OPEX item, and therefore a target for future optimization. Numerous commercial companies and government agencies are currently planning to set energy footprint goals for their computing and telecom equipment.

Due to increased bandwidth demands on fixed and wireless networks, enterprises and operators have been forced to upgrade their transport networks and data centers focusing on speed. The next generation devices and networks will need to consider energy efficiency, and it's very likely that that the measure of watts per Gbps may become a more important measure than Gbps alone.

To correctly characterize and benchmark the energy efficiency of networking devices, test and measurement analysis equipment must be designed to accommodate different equipment classes. Results must be reliable, repeatable and accurate. Proper energy efficiency characterization requires that energy consumption be measured while network devices are under varying loads. The analysis systems must be flexible, highly scalable, and easy to use.

As a leader in performance analysis solutions, Ixia's energy efficiency benchmarking solution, IxGreen, meets these requirements by utilizing its industry-leading layer 2-7 performance test tools. IxGreen is the first commercial solution that implements both the ATIS and ECR specification for the measurement of energy efficiency of network devices and systems. IxGreen is specifically designed for energy efficiency testing of a variety of network equipment classes, including switches and routers.

IxGreen – the industry's first fully integrated “green” test and measurement solution allows the measurement of a device's energy consumption at various load conditions utilizing real-world application traffic profiles. IxGreen offers fully integrated energy consumption measurements, comprehensive reports with time-correlated power and external load data graphs, plus advanced computations and detailed analysis of the conducted test. Real-time performance-per-power graphs and statistics are also available.

IxGreen was designed based on the following principles:

  • Provide accurate, repeatable and automated power efficiency verification
  • Time correlated, high precision power and load measurements
  • Real-world application traffic generation based on equipment classes
  • Utilize standardized, universal metrics and methodologies
  • Performance-per-power measured based on equipment classes and apps

IxGreen test configuration
IxGreen test configuration

Key Features

  • ATIS Specification Compliance
    • ATIS-0600015.03.2009
    • TEER metric with support for each device class
    • Qualification, full load, utilization(u2)and idle load steps
    • Simple IMIX with ability to edit
    • Reporting and documentation
  • ECR Specification Compliance
    • ECR defined device classes routers and switches supported
    • All ECR metrics and methodologies supported
  • Fully-integrated energy consumption measurements
    • Data from the power meter is collected and time-correlated to offered load
    • Energy consumption metrics, including current, voltage, and power
    • Both DC and AC meters supported to provide full coverage of all ATIS and ECR defined equipment classes
  • Real-time result analysis and logging
    • Real-time measurements and display tovalidate test results using multiple statistics
    • Real-time statistics presented in grid format with instant numeric counts, or in graphical charts that track changes over time
    • Detailed test results logged in comma-separated value (CSV) files for long-term trend analysis
  • Detailed, automated reports
    • Charts, graphs, summary tables, advanced computations
  • Device classes supported:
    • ECR Class 1- Routers
      • Core Router
      • Edge Router
      • Multipurpose Router
    • ECR Class 3 - Ethernet L2/L3 Switches
      • Carrier Ethernet Platforms
      • Generic Ethernet Platforms

IxGreen device class configuration options

Real-time Result Analysis and Logging

IxGreen automatically takes real-time measurements to validate test results using multiple statistics, including detailed energy consumption with respect to effective throughput, protocol state transition and counters, and per-port traffic measurement. Real-time statistics can be presented in grid format with instant numeric counts, or in graphical form that tracks changes over time. Detailed test results can also be logged in CSV files for long-term trend analysis.

IxGreen provides real-time performance statistics

IxGreen Test Reports

At the end of each IxGreen test, a detailed PDF report is generated that includes a cover, table of contents, test information, layer 2-3 results, and charts showing the performance-per-power plot for all measurement load intervals.

IxGreen reports contain the following high-level information:
  • TEER, ECR, and ECRW measurements
  • Summarized test results
  • Detailed test setup data
  • Detailed charts and graphs
    • Energy Consumption Rating 100% max utilization
    • Energy Consumption Rating Weighted, 100%, 50%, 0% utilization
    • Overall energy cumulative index (for all application profiles and device classes)
    • Average power usage at max throughput (for all application profiles and device classes)
    • Performance-per-power graphs with performance-per-power measurements at n load iteration points (e.g., 100%, 50%, ...0%)

Energy Consuption Rating

Industry-Standard Prepackaged Tests

IxGreen offers a prebuilt suite of industry-standard tests for automated device performance stress testing. Testing is based on equipment class and function and with reference to energy consumed.

Using the capabilities of Ixia test hardware, such as wire-speed traffic generation, filtering, capturing, and statistics collection, IxGreen provides a rich suite of tests based on industry standard RFCs, such as RFC2544, RFC3511, RFC2889, and RFC3918, as well as customer requirements.

Test results are collected and presented in several manners, including real-time graphs of test execution progress, formatted reports for detailed post-test analysis, color-coded pass/fail indications, and detailed test execution logs.

Note: For a complete list of available test suites refer to the IxAutomate™ web site.

Integrated Energy Measurements

IxGreen provides seamless integration of energy measurement devices, correlating the energy statistics against application load. The following power data is collected and made available via real-time statistics views and reports:

  • Current
  • Voltage (AC/DC)
  • Power

Supported Interface Modules

Note: For a complete and updated list of all supported Ixia interface modules, please refer to the IxAutomate web site and data sheet.

Product Ordering Information

IxGreen Layer 2-3 Test Suite and Automation Framework. IxAutomate Base Software required.

IxAutomate Base Software package.

This material is for informational purposes only and subject to change without notice. It describes Ixia's present plans to develop and make available to its customers certain products, features and capabilities. Ixia is only obligated to provide those deliverables specifically included in a written agreement between Ixia and the customer.

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