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IxVeriWave: Overview

IxVeriWave Products

Assessing Real-world Wi-Fi Performance - at Scale

IxVeriWave solutions represent the industry gold standard in testing Wi-Fi performance and site readiness throughout design, development, and deployment. Testing LANs, wireless LANs (WLANs), and Wi-Fi devices using a client-centric model, IxVeriWave helps speed time-to-market and optimize the performance of products, networks, services, and applications.

Simulating large-scale, real-world networking environments, IxVeriWave solutions assess:

Equipment, software, and chipset vendors worldwide rely upon IxVeriWave systems to accurately analyze the performance of their products, reduce costs, and speed identification of potential problems early in development & QA cycles. Enterprise IT departments and service providers leverage Ixia solutions and services in making critical deployment decisions during vendor selection, network design, and service delivery.

The IxVeriWave solution includes:

Benchmarking readiness and performance under both real and ideal conditions, Ixia enables automated, repeatable custom testing virtually impossible to accomplish by any other means. Ixia Wi-Fi assessment solutions and professional assessments expand test coverage while reducing test times from months to weeks or even days, and reducing cost of test (COT).