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Network Test Applications

IxNetwork - Network Test
Characterize the performance and scalability of routers and switches

IxLoad - Multiplay Test
Generate layer 4-7 traffic for content-aware device assessment

BreakingPoint - Application and Security Test
Application and security test solutions with stateful application traffic for load and stress testing

IxVeriWave - WiFi Test
Measures impact of network conditions on Wi-Fi devices and QoE in real and ideal traffic scenarios. Enables modeling of diverse client mixes to assess interoperability, roaming, scalability and voice / data /video / web performance

IxChariot - Network Performance Test
Predict device and system performance under realistic load conditions

IxChariot Pro - live network assessment and active monitoring

IxCatapult - Wireless Network Test
IxCatapult provides performance, functional, conformance and interoperability testing for the full range of wireless protocols

MGTS - Signaling Test
MGTS is a multi-user, multi-protocol programmable test system that emulates any SS7/PSTN entity or SS7 application database, and measures the functionality and performance of signaling and media gateways

Ixia Anue Network Emulators - Impairment Test
Validate network-based products, applications, and services under real world conditions with standards-based test suites and network models

ImpairNet – High-Density, Impairment Test
Highest-density, 1GE, 10GE, and 40GE network impairment emulation to validate applications that run over the WAN network; full integration with IxNetwork and IxLoad applications

Ixia Anue 3500 - Synchronization Test
Validate the performance of synchronization services and Carrier Ethernet functions on Ethernet/IP-based networks

IxN2X - Infrastructure Test
IxN2X is designed to test IP forwarding devices such as routers and switches that deliver video, VoIP, data services and business VPNs. It is used in "out-of-service" lab environments to test network components at real-world scale prior to their deployment in live networks

IxVM - Virtual Network Test
IxVM is a software implementation of Ixia's multipurpose platform for use in virtualized environments. In this virtual concept, virtual network interface cards (vNICs) represent Ixia test ports. Software-based stream and protocol engines on the virtual chassis ports provide the same powerful L2-7 traffic generation capabilities offered by Ixia's hardware-based product portfolio

IxANVL - Protocol Compliance Test
Automatically validate network/protocol compliance and interoperability

Test Conductor - Test Automation
A complete automation and regression framework for Ixia and third-party test applications. Tests can be organized into test groupings and used for development, QA and regression testing

RackSim -Virtualized Data Center Simulation

Other Test Applications

  • IxAutomate
    Automates performance, scalability, and functional testing of network devices
  • IxAdmin
    IxAdmin offers lab managers the ability to control software upgrades, license installation and manage Ixia software applications and hardware devices

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