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IxCatapult: Overview

The escalating data loads created by smart phones and mobile applications have captured the wireless industry's attention. However, another by-product of data-driven devices and apps must not be overlooked - the tremendous growth of signaling traffic in both the radio access network (RAN) and core networks. Smartphones have been shown to generate 30 times more signaling traffic compared existing feature phones.

Signaling involves the underlying communications that enables user authentication and authorization, mobility, charging and billing, policy management, and QoS (bearer) establishment. The chattiness of new applications and smartphones can strain network deployments.


Specific wireless infrastructure devices, such as subscriber databases and mobility management entities, bear the responsibility for processing a majority of the signaling traffic. The functionality, capacity, and resiliency of these devices is critical to network quality and performance. Failure of these devices is the most common cause for service interruptions. IxCatapult Overview

With these considerations in mind, Ixia has developed IxCatapult to bullet-proof network control plane scalability and ensure that networks can handle millions of smartphones. IxCatapult provides critical validation of complex control plane scalability for both 3G-UMTS and 4G-LTE networks. It verifies network design and implementation by emulating control plane signaling on a city scale.

IxCatapult is capable of simulating virtually any network node, and multiple nodes simultaneously. It can represent both properly functioning devices and misbehaving devices - allowing engineers to design networks that avoid issues from non-standard devices, poor power management schemes, or incorrect application design. Precise modeling replicates the behavior of new devices (handsets, dongles, and tablets) in a lab environment, and allows vendor and operators to properly plan and deploy their wireless networks.

IxCatapult provides

  • Ultra-high-scale wireless control plane testing
  • The industry's most comprehensive range of wireless protocols for testing 3G-UMTS, 4G-LTE, IMS, and SS7 devices and networks
  • A vast library of pre-built test scenarios that can be fully customized to specific test needs
  • Unmatched flexibility in protocol state machine design for both positive and negative testing
  • Support for all phases of product development from develop test/QA to system test

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