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IxLoad: Overview

IxLoad is the industry's most scalable solution for testing converged multiplay services and application delivery platforms. IxLoad emulates data, voice, and video subscribers and their associated protocols for ultra-high performance testing. Unique and advanced subscriber modeling capabilities create realistic scenarios to validate subscriber quality of experience (QoE). IxLoad supports such video, voice, and data protocols as:

  • Internet: HTTP, P2P, FTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS, and CIFS
  • Video: IGMP, RTSP, Adobe Flash Player™, Microsoft Silverlight™, Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, MPEG2, and H.264/AVC
  • Voice: SIP, MGCP, H.323, H.248, Cisco Skinny™, FAX over IP, and video conferencing
  • Storage: SMB1, SMB2, NFSv3, NFSv4, and iSCSI
  • Security: Published vulnerabilities, malware, and high-performance DDoS
  • VPN: IPsec VPN (IKEv1, IKEv2, ESP, AH) and SSL Anyconnect VPN
  • Wireless: 3GPP packet core protocols used by GGSNs
  • Infrastructure: DNS, DHCP, LDAP, and AAA
  • Encapsulation/Security: DHCP, IPsec, PPP/L2TP with integrated 802.1x and NAC authentication

IxLoad-Attack addresses testing of security devices with known vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks and IPsec encryption for VPN gateways. Authentication mechanisms, including 802.1x and NAC are tested as well.

IxLoad, in conjunction with PerfectStorm load modules and XGS12 chassis , is an all-in-one performance testing platform to address the challenges of application-aware devices and multi-service delivery networks at data center scales. With PerfectStorm Fusion load modules, Ixia delivers the first platform to seamlessly-unify the IxLoad and BreakingPoint software applications into a single, more powerful system -- one that can validate every element of the data center to ensure the secure delivery of mission-critical applications that today's users demand.

IxLoad works with Ixia's hardware platforms to transmit and receive control and data plane traffic with the device under test. Ixia's chassis are populated with hot-swappable test interface cards. Each test port is equipped with an independent processor and substantial memory in addition to specialized traffic stream generation and capture hardware – providing the speed and intelligence needed for large-scale protocol emulation.

The Xcellon-Ultra line of load modules is specifically designed to be used with IxLoad. These modules emulate hundreds of thousands of subscribers and handle up to 80 Gbps of multiplay traffic; IPsec traffic can be generated at 20 Gbps.

IxLoad/VM is designed to work in virtualized environments using Ixia’s unique virtual chassis implementation. The IxVM virtual chassis is a software implementation of Ixia’s platform allowing virtual machines (VMs) on blade servers to act as Ixia test ports. The virtual test ports can be used independently or in conjunction with chassis based ports. Software-based stream and protocol engines in the virtual chassis ports provide the same traffic generation and analysis as Ixia’s hardware-based product portfolio.