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IxNetwork: Customer References

Case Studies

  • Alcatel-Lucent Uses IxNetwork for 1588v2 Performance Validation - Describes the results of a rigorous test exercise performed by Ixia and Alcatel-Lucent to validate the performance and robustness of 1588v2 boundary and transparent clock implementations under traffic load and scaled mobile backhaul network conditions.


"Ixia's Xcellon-Multis is the first to meet our HSE testing needs, which get more stringent as network services become increasingly diverse and sophisticated," said Darius Goodall, Director, Technical Marketing, Extreme Networks. "By giving us the flexibility to test different speeds and interfaces and the ability to scale up to hundreds of 40GE and 100GE ports, we can ensure that we continue to meet the growing demands of our customers."

Darius Goodall, Director, Technical Marketing, Extreme Networks

Our SSX devices allow operators to manage the growing capacity challenges of today’s 3G networks, while ensuring a smooth transition to the rigorous 4G/LTE environment. Handling GTP at scale is not only necessary for key 3G core elements, but for new data offload applications as well, and GTP will remain integral to LTE deployments. Ixia has been a good partner for Stoke, working jointly to push the performance envelope of mobile network test equipment. Ixia’s IxNetwork test solution enables us to validate our ability to reliably process GTP for mobile data offload deployments today, while paving the way for expanding the SSX’s role in LTE’s evolved packet core tomorrow.

David Arnold, Vice President of Engineering, Stoke

"Juniper Networks MX Series Ethernet Services Router delivers high density and innovative layer 2/3 Ethernet services at scale. Ixia's IxNetwork ViperCore enabled Juniper to fully stress the comprehensive capabilities of our multi-access, multi-protocol, multi-domain MPLS VPN toolkit," said Mehdi Sif, Director of Technical Marketing at Juniper Networks. "In addition, IxNetwork's TrueView™ convergence time measurement allowed Juniper to measure multi-service convergence and quality of experience with precision and repeatability"

Mehdi Sif, Director, Technology Marketing, Juniper

"Ixia's support during the hot-staging event was crucial to the successful completion of the event and substantially accelerated testing. Using Ixia's full stack implementation, we were able to validate several vendors' implementations of PBB-TE and VPLS. Ixia's mature IxNetwork solution allowed us to measure functionality and performance of the various Carrier Ethernet transport, OAM and resiliency protocols"

Carsten Rossenhövel, Managing Director, EANTC

"IxNetwork delivered very high traffic levels and protocol emulation that allowed us to benchmark the breakthrough performance of the MX 3D router. IxNetwork allowed us to showcase the MX 3D's scale across the bandwidth, service and subscriber dimension concurrently and test the largest routing topologies."

Mehdi Sif, Director, Technology Marketing, Juniper