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IxNetwork for Network Topology Testing and Traffic Analysis

Network testing and assessment of switching and routing infrastructures and evolving data center architectures.

Today's networking environment is becoming increasingly complex. Data center convergence, enterprise expansion, and new service deployments require network professionals to combine many different technologies and devices in a single network infrastructure. Such networks must handle massive amounts of switched and routed traffic over both point-to-point and multicast network strategies.

High-capacity network devices are required to route and switch huge amounts of traffic. Network equipment manufacturers producing devices for such environments must be sure that their equipment can not only handle the infrastructure needs of a complex network, but also expand easily - often to massive scales. Network infrastructures must be stressed to see if they can handle the traffic volumes common in today's landscape.

To verify new service implementation, new device insertion, or network expansion, entities such as enterprises, service providers, or government agencies must perform extensive pre-deployment lab testing to ensure current network function isn't compromised. This testing must be performed at high capacity and simulate network over-subscription so as to stress the network upgrades to their maximum ability.

IxNetwork is designed to test network infrastructure, capacity, scalability, and convergence using its scaled protocol emulation and ViperCore technology. IxNetwork provides rapid isolation of network issues, service modeling at Internet scale, carrier-class scaling, and accurate convergence measurement with TrueView™.

IxNetwork works with Ixia's test platforms to exchange control-plane and data-plane traffic with the device under test. Ixia's chassis are populated with hot-swappable load modules that implement a wide variety of interface types. Each test port is equipped with an independent processor and substantial memory in addition to specialized traffic stream generation and capture hardware – providing the speed and intelligence needed for large-scale protocol emulation.

IxNetwork VM (IxVM) is designed to work in virtualized environments using Ixia's unique virtual chassis implementation. The IxVM virtual chassis is a software implementation of Ixia's platform, which allows virtual machines (VMs) on blade servers to act as Ixia test ports. The virtual test ports can be used independently or in conjunction with chassis-based ports. Software-based stream and protocol engines in the virtual chassis ports provide the same traffic generation and analysis as Ixia's hardware-based product portfolio.

IxNetwork 7 elevates network testing to a new level. Its next-generation protocol framework drastically improves large-scale testing by offering the industry's most realistic control-plane emulation, easily matching the scale and performance of the most demanding carrier-class routers. IxNetwork 7 mimics the way network engineers view and evaluate their infrastructure performance. The visual configuration elements make it easy to assess functionality, scale, and performance, especially as networks converge into a single network infrastructure that is used to carry voice, video, data, and wireless traffic.

IxNetwork's GUI is designed to increase productivity with context-sensitive help ribbons, side-by-side configuration and statistics views, and immediate user feedback including color-coded protocol and traffic statistics. The Resource Manager promotes efficiency through configuration sharing and collaboration, while the Macro Recorder captures a user's GUI operation for quick test creation and systematic troubleshooting.

The new Next-Generation Protocol Framework brings further improvements, such as providing a Topology view that provides a summary of the complete test network state via color-coded summaries on per-topology and per-device levels. In addition, the device-based protocol configuration simplifies the configuration of large-scale, complex network topologies.

Service Modeling at Internet Scale

  • Emulate ultra-high-scale network topologies
  • Track up to 4 million flows
  • Generate deterministic traffic profiles and control each profile dynamically
  • Generate real-world application traffic over emulated networks
  • Apply network impairments such as delay, jitter and loss
  • Scale up to 600 test ports per session

Rapid Isolation of Service Violations

  • Debug difficult problems quickly
  • Monitor total service quality
  • Drill-down to traffic class statistics

Simple Workflow

  • Collaborate on, share, and re-use port, traffic and protocol configurations
  • View statistics alongside protocol and traffic configuration for instant feedback
  • Make quick adjustments based on color-coded indicators of protocol and traffic status
  • Improve productivity with context-sensitive help ribbons
  • Device-based protocol configuration enables fast configuration of large, complex topologies

Complete End-to-End System Automation

  • Easily run repeatable, unattended test sessions
  • Capture and replay GUI actions using Macro Recorder
  • Build test scripts that include configuration of your device under test

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