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MGTS: Overview

Next generation wireless networks are evolving into "all-IP" architectures, and SS7 over Internet Protocol (IP) is becoming more prevalent as intelligent gateways become the de facto technology used to interconnect wireline and wireless networks. The MGTS™ is the leading product for testing wireline and wireless network convergence. It is a multi-user, multi-protocol programmable test system that emulates any SS7/PSTN entity or SS7 application database, and measures the functionality and performance of signaling and media gateways. The MGTS uses powerful underlying platforms, a diverse line of network interface cards, and an extensive library of protocol test modules to significantly reduce product development time, lower production costs, and ensure conformance to telecom industry standards.

MGTS reduces product development time by allowing multiple users to perform their tests concurrently. Early in the product lifecycle, the MGTS can emulate prohibitively expensive or difficult to locate network equipment. Farther along, the MGTS can support load testing to measure how much traffic the equipment can handle. MGTS also supports traffic flow monitoring between nodes in live networks. The MGTS is a flexible platform that can be customized to provide the test scripts, software protocols, and hardware needed to solve each new challenge.

Testers can create complex, multi-protocol test sequences using the Protocol Adaptable State Machine (PASM™). PASM is a complete development system that constructs common test cases by defining protocol message formats, sequencing, and operations. PASM can create any type of protocol message for use in test case sequences against a device under test (DUT). With PASM, users can easily and simultaneously test circuit and packet switches over multiple interfaces. The created test cases can be executed in either simulation or load mode for functional and system integration testing. PASM helps significantly reduce the time needed to develop comprehensive 3G, VoIP and SS7 load tests.

The MGTS supports a wide variety of applications:

  • Design and feature verification: Does the device being tested provide the desired features and functionality?
  • Conformance Testing: Does the device conform to industry standards?
  • Interoperability Testing: Will the device work with other equipment in the network?
  • Load and Stress Testing: How will the device perform under load and overload conditions?
  • Installation and Acceptance Testing: Is the device ready for installation?

Converged Wireline and Next Generation Wireless Test Configuration
Converged Wireline and Next Generation Wireless Test Configuration