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Test Conductor Enables Centralized Automation

Test Conductor The changing nature of the IP networking industry has created challenges for the IP network quality assurance teams. Technology advances are occurring at an ever accelerating pace. At the same time, the pressures to bring new and innovative products to market faster with higher quality and performance continue. The convergence of services delivered over IP has created new network demands that call for new solutions.

These solutions, in turn, require new and more advanced testing techniques. New testing requirements can often take longer to develop, execute and analyze. QA organizations are searching for solutions to their testing challenges in every area of the testing process.

Test Conductor is a complete multivendor test automation framework for IP network testing teams. It's easy-to-learn and use testing environment covers every aspect of test automation from test authoring, test and resource management, regression definition and execution, scheduling and trends analysis.

The Test Conductor framework provides the right set of tools that enable integration of lab elements from different vendors in a lab environment. By using a generic and extensible integration approach, the automation benefits are realized not just on Ixia equipment, but across all elements of a lab. These include but are not limited to devices under test, WAN emulation tools, physical layer switches and a variety of test devices.

Test Conductor Components

Test Conductor Components