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Ixia BreakingPoint 20

BreakingPoint FireStorm

Ixia BreakingPoint 20 sets standard for price/performance, becoming the only solution for real-world testing that supports numerous concurrent users in any large-scale lab facility

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Ixia BreakingPoint 20, the world's highest port density solution, is capable of creating massive-scale online behavior from more than 200+ applications and 35,000+ live security attacks. Providing twenty 10GigE ports and 60 ports per 4U chassis, the Ixia BreakingPoint 20 combines the high performance, realism and large port densities needed by the large-scale development and testing labs of equipment manufacturers and carriers. The Ixia BreakingPoint 20 is the perfect solution for any organization challenged by introducing sophisticated, real-world application and security testing to support numerous concurrent users, tests or port pairs.

The Ixia BreakingPoint 20 is the only solution to provide 20 universal 10GigE/1GigE SFP+ interfaces that can create stateful application traffic from more than 200+ real-world apps and 35,000+ live security attacks including malware, mobile malware and DDoS. The new Ixia BreakingPoint 20 allows organizations to:

  • Reduce time-to-test to minimize costs and accelerate development of next-generation network, security and data center devices.
  • Cost-effectively perform complex, real-world simulations in order to evaluate, test and optimize application-aware devices.
  • Train and certify IT personnel to predict and prevent cyber attacks.

Survival in the Current DDoS threat Landscape

In this webinar, Ixia joins F5 to address the universal need for enterprises to deepen their defense against cyber attacks. This video will help you to better understand the tools and tactics used by DDoS attackers, which DDoS defenses to consider, and how to verify and tune your network.

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Dan Thormondsgaard, VP Solutions Architecture at FishNet Security, discusses how Ixia BreakingPoint validates its enterprise solutions, opening new opportunities and shortening FishNet’s sales cycle from months, down to a week.