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IxVM Virtual Load Modules

Networks are maxing out server processing on a single CPU in terms of return on investment. Networking and application resource issues are necessarily being divided into smaller segments across multiple CPUs and/or machines. It’s challenging to determine how best to parallelize, segment, or deploy a network hierarchy based on pooled resources, and strategies for best practices in this process are still being decided.


Any vendor developing virtual infrastructure components or virtual appliances must understand how to:
  • Best use CPU, memory, and I/O hardware resources
  • Divide and employ parallelism to solve network or application scale problems
  • Test complex feature sets in converged network architectures

Assigning more CPUs to a VM does not necessarily increase performance, and in some cases it may even reduce performance. Performance varies greatly, and testing early allows vendors to make the right design decisions that avoid architectural rework later.

The challenge for virtual component vendors is how best to optimize software and hardware for a working environment using parallelism.

Without hardware switching implementation, switching performance in virtualization can be poor. Testing is the solution:
  • L2: virtual switches testing in Hypervisor or separate virtualized switch instances
  • L3: routing emulation to assess network performance of virtual routers
  • L7: virtual security appliances: IDS/IPS, Firewall, antispam protection
  • WAN acceleration, Application Delivery Controllers
Unlock the power of virtualization through functional testing:
  • Create separate sandboxes in a shared high performance computing (HPC) environment
  • Allow features to be tested in parallel by segmenting features
  • Prototype various topologies and attach test ports in different locations without having to recable
Test between virtual and physical boundaries.
  • Test hardware I/O components
  • Use Ixia virtual test ports and Ixia hardware ports in combination
Address converged infrastructure testing from L2-7 in the virtual environment
  • System test entire converged topologies
  • Hardware switching/forwarding is mature
Ixia's IxVM application and virtual load modules are the perfect solution for virtualization and cloud testing needs:
  • IxVML23 - A virtualized load module for layer 2 and 3 traffic, IxVML23 uses IxNetwork to offer the customization and flexibility needed for the wide range of requirements needed for testing complex network topologies with thousands of network devices. Millions of routes and reachable hosts can be emulated. IxVML23 and IxNetwork can customize millions of traffic flows to stress data plane performance. Powerful GUI wizards and grid controls allow sophisticated traffic flows to be created with ease. Its enhanced real-time analysis and statistics are capable of reporting comprehensive protocol status and detailed per-flow traffic performance metrics.
  • IxVML47 - A virtualized load module for layer 4 through 7 traffic, IxVML47 uses IxLoad to offer the customization and flexibility needed for the wide range of testing requirements for complex network topologies with thousands of network devices. IxVML47 and IxLoad perform L4-7 application testing including a full range of voice, video, and data testing – a covering a wide variety of virtualized application architectures. IxLoad/VM will soon be extended with client disk I/O emulation, allowing complete performance testing of 10G converged network adapters (CNAs).

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