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Network Visibility Products

Ixia is the leading provider of network visibility solutions, which together make up the Visibility Architecture for large enterprises and service providers that need to achieve end-to-end network visibility across both the physical and virtual network with their monitoring and network security tools.

The Ixia Visibility Architecture is built on the industry's most comprehensive network visibility product portfolio. This portfolio serves as the foundation of the Visibility Architecture and includes network access solutions, network packet brokers, application and session visibility solutions, and an integrated management platform.

The portfolio provides enterprises and service providers with a single integrated resource to address all of their visibility needs. Ixia is the only company that offers this comprehensive and fully integrated Visibility Architecture - enabling end-to-end visibility across the entire network that includes mixed physical and virtual network environments. In addition, this architecture supports both passive monitoring and fail-safe inline security deployments.

  • Net Optics Products - A full spectrum of high-performance, scalable, intelligent, and comprehensive family of application-aware NPM, network packet brokers, virtual/cloud, taps, and visibility management system (VMS) solutions.
  • NTO Products - a set of solutions that helps to optimize and secure rapidly evolving, dynamic data center networks by using patented filtering and de-duplication technology that ensures each monitoring tool gets exactly the right data needed for analysis.