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NGY: Customer References


Juniper's EX Series Ethernet switches are an integral part of today's branch office, campus, and data center networks. To deliver quality products with confidence, we need to be sure that we've tested every possible scenario at scale. We've been using Ixia's high density 10G NGY cards since late 2008, regularly running as many as 64 10G ports in a single configuration to test our EX8200 switch. Ixia has been a valuable partner to us in delivering high quality products to market in record time.

Pankaj Molhotra, Sr Director System Test, Ethernet Products Business Group (EPBG), Juniper Networks

Force10 prides itself in its high density, high performance switches and routers, but the rapid pace of our development has sometimes made it difficult for test vendors to keep up. We're pleased to say that we've been using the NGY high density 10GE product for over a year now, and are extremely happy with our Ixia partnership. NGY has the scale we need to test our 10GE products at full capacity – up to 140 10GE ports in our ExaScale platform, for example – and the IxNetwork software lets us emulate realistic carrier topologies to stress the box to its limits and exercise every possible scenario before we deliver new features to our customers.

Time to market is critical to us if we want to stay ahead of the game, so we need a test tool like Ixia's NGY that is highly reliable and easy to configure. Testing cycles and resources always get squeezed, leaving us no time to wait around while a test vendor troubleshoots their setup. This has not been a problem with Ixia: the combination of NGY port density with IxNetwork usability makes it simple and quick to run high port count tests.

Tushar Patel, VP of Engineering – Software Development and QA, Force10 Networks

Our next-generation ExaScale core switch/routers require validation of multi-terabit throughput and latency. Ixia's NGY and IxNetwork provide us the high density port capacity, while at the same time giving us the sharp tools that we need to characterize our performance.

Steve Garrison, Vice President of Marketing, Force10 Networks

Arista offers the highest density 1U auto-negotiating 1/10GbE data center switches with up to 48-ports. Arista's 7100T switches and modular operating system offer a robust platform for large scale deployments. Ixia's new high density 10GBASE-T test module enables Arista to verify our low latency, high-performance switch architecture and validate maximum throughput.

Anshul Sadana, Director of Systems Engineering, Arista Networks

My team uses Ixia's 10GE solutions for line rate traffic generation and we are very happy with the card. It has helped us identify and troubleshoot bugs in our vendors' MPLS implementations, and we have found it to be:

  • highly reliable in its performance against stated figures
  • powerful and capable – supporting a broad range of protocols
  • easy to use

In our opinion this is an industry leading solution.

Jai Pujji, Technology Specialist, Network Engineering, Telstra

F5's hardware development team uses Ixia's NGY to test all of our 10G switching platforms. NGY's port density is a key differentiator for us – 8 10GigE ports on a single load module and 96 ports in one chassis is incredible. By comparison, we'd have to stack multiple chassis of other test vendors' gear to fully load one of our Application Delivery Controllers. We're also thankful for Ixia's consistently high level of support. Their phone support is great, and the local team is always accessible and willing to stop by and help us out

Bill Sweitzer, Hardware Lab Manager, F5

Here at Brocade Communications, we have been using Ixia's solutions for 10GE and Gigabit Ethernet since their introduction. They have proven to be reliable, highly scalable and feature-rich. At a time when no other solution existed for testing a 1536 port 1GE full-mesh router, Ixia was able to provide automation and support that enabled the release of the BigIron RX 48 port GE module in a BigIron RX32 chassis in record time. Going forward, we will continue to rely on Ixia and NGY for scalable high performance testing

Marty Azarani, Senior Software QA Manager, Brocade

We have recently purchased our 1st 10GE solution from Ixia for development of our Metro Ethernet switch prototype. We are very satisfied with the solution. The software is stable and the system was scalable enough to support our development project and perform benchmarking with different vendors.

Fahmy, Test Manager, Research and Development, Telekom Malaysia

The Ixia NGY 10GE interface module has added significant value in our testing due to its high density and consistent performance in creating large, enterprise-scale routing emulations.

Federal Government

NGY™ 10 GbE test interface has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the 2009 Global 10 GbE Lab Test Product of the Year Award for clear industry-leading innovation. NGY helped the company reach new heights in the 10 Gigabit Ethernet testing market in which Ixia held a market share of 24.1 percent in 2008, according to a recent World Gigabit Ethernet Test Equipment Markets study. This is the second year in a row that Ixia holds the highest revenue market share in this space.

Ixia has always been a leader in test and measurement innovation – exploring new technologies and improving productivity, said Jessy Cavazos, Industry Manager of Frost & Sullivan. NGY is an excellent example of this – packaging 10 Gigabit Ethernet testing in high density, yet with performance that matches that of today's network devices.

Jessy Cavazos, Industry Manager, Frost & Sullivan

With this new introduction, Ixia's strengths in providing a Green and highly scalable solution are the right focus areas for the next generation data center, said Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president of Global Enterprise Research, Yankee Group. This is a targeted solution for testing the scalability and performance of the next generation data center.

Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president of Global Enterprise Research, Yankee Group