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Ixia is dedicated to providing superior professional services and education to ensure the successful use of our products.

Support Services

Our Support Services ensure you get the most from your Ixia solutions investment and minimize downtime, through best practices advice, quick resolution of product issues, and any-time access to the latest software releases and full support materials online.

Training Services

Ixia BreakingPoint and Ixia Anue product training courses enhance the security posture of your enterprise and ensure your staff can battle-test your IT infrastructure, fine-tune systems and policies, and transform security processes to be proactive and effective.

Security Services

Delivered by an expert armed with proven methodologies and patented capabilities, our managed security services enable you to test, assess and optimize devices, infrastructures, and application resiliency without diverting attention from daily operations. Ixia's professional security services provide the advance insight needed to choose the right device for your environment, save on IT infrastructure investments, and optimize systems after every change with these packages.

Professional Services

Our professional services team of highly-experienced testing experts will help you achieve the optimal testing solution for your unique requirements. We understand that fast results will drive project success. We offer:

Education Services

Our instructor-led courses that are offered at several Ixia locations throughout the world are also available to you virtually through the use of WebEx, or on-site at your facilities. Education options also include convenient web-based training courses (WBT) and short just-in-time (JIT) web-based "tips and tricks" courses.