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Enterprise: Data Center

Where ROI Converges…

What level of storage and network I/O performance are we getting?
Is each virtual application protected from others running on the same host?
Is data secure in the private and public cloud?

Today’s users expect immediate access to a wide range of media-rich applications and services, instantly and from any location. To deliver it all without fail, modern data centers are being architected or overhauled to support cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), videoconferencing, social networking, and much more. Companies are consolidating facilities, integrating storage and computing networks, and virtualizing systems across the data centers.

But increased operational efficiency may come at a price as convergence and virtualization increase infrastructure complexity and add new risks and vulnerabilities. With deficiencies in any area placing time-to-market, ROI and QoE at risk, data center architects must fully evaluate every decision by:

  • Simulating and assessing intended facilities
  • Benchmarking end-to-end application delivery
  • Verifying security and compliance
  • Isolating and troubleshooting problems

Ixia: Demonstrating and Delivering Value

Ixia solutions and assessment services deliver the critical insights needed to justify and optimize investments in data center clouds. Ixia helps enterprises define strategies for virtualization and convergence, evaluate and select equipment, and fine-tune data center designs and configurations to meet application and business objectives. Our comprehensive assessments include:


Ixia Professional Services for Enterprise IT

Understanding the Needs of Today's Financial Networks

Quick Reference Sheets

Ensuring Successful Data Center Consolidation with Application and Security Testing

PerfectStorm ONE: Enterprise-Wide Application and Security Testing—Anywhere, Anytime

Storage Assessment Solutions

Wi-Fi Site Assessments: Ensure Successful Microsoft Lync Deployments

WAN Site Assessments: Ensure Successful Microsoft Lync Deployments

RackSim™ - Virtualized Data Center Simulation


Enterprise Data Center

Data Center

Virtualization, Storage, and Compute

  • Measuring capacity/performance of NAS, SAN, and DCB systems
  • Verifying performance/robustness of virtualized network and server tiers
  • Determining peak sustainable compute capacity of virtual server infrastructure

Switching Fabric

  • Testing the reliability and scalability of switch fabrics
  • Ensuring seamless OAM in and between data-centers
  • Facilitating IPv6 migration: 6rd, NAT64, Dual-Stack, DHCPv6

Application Delivery and Security

  • Optimizing delivery of consumer and business applications
  • Validating end-to-end user QoE for each target application
  • Testing security effectiveness and robustness of virtual and physical infrastructures

Ixia simulates different systems and technologies within and surrounding the data center, as well as the supported clients and applications – at scale. The ability to model and test the end-to-end infrastructure provides insights into "what if" scenarios to help predict and mitigate the impact of problematic conditions – high latency, hacker attempts, network impairments – on applications.

Ixia's products include:
  • IxNetwork - end-to-end network infrastructure testing and assessment
  • IxLoad - real-world traffic generation, performance assessment
  • IxVeriWave - Wireless LAN (WLAN) site and performance assessments
  • IxVM - complete L2-7 traffic generation and analysis for virtualized environments
  • IxChariot - software-based traffic generation
  • Ixia Professional Services - cost-effective onsite assessments of design, equipment, providers, performance and value