From public safety and national security to education, transportation and the world economy, we rely on government agencies and solution partners building and maintaining secure, ultra-high-quality communications infrastructures. Nowhere is the pressure greater to make the right decisions the first time, or to anticipate and withstand the unknown.

Making the right decisions from the outset requires maximum "intelligence" regarding vendor and service provider performance, network design, cyber security and ongoing quality management prior to investing and deploying.

The leading test solution partner of networking infrastructure manufacturers and service providers worldwide, Ixia's solutions equip government IT professionals and partners to validate infrastructure design, equipment, and services before, during and after deployment. Simulating true scale and real world conditions to stress and assess network behavior, Ixia tests the diverse range of networking services and technologies employed by government agencies and solution partners

Fast, secure delivery of dynamic connected technologies and services creates a sustainable edge. Accelerate time-to-market, optimize application performance, and ensure higher-quality deployments with Ixia solutions.