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IPv6 Test

Assessing Readiness for IPv6

With the global supply of IPv4 addresses exhausted, the industry has embarked upon a mass migration to IPv6 infrastructures. The two will coexist for decades, requiring upgraded network architectures to support IPv4 and IPv6 technologies in tandem, along with the associated transition/translation mechanisms, while maintaining performance, security, and scalability.

IPv6 migration increases traffic volumes on the network and can introduce latency, delay response times, and compromise providers' ability to meet service level agreements (SLAs). Networks need to be able to efficiently handle both protocols—no matter how heavy the traffic load—without impacting infrastructure resiliency. To be assured of this, network operators and equipment manufacturers must adopt IPv6 test strategies that include asking:

  • Can dual-stack core networks maintain QoS under the increased load of mixed IPv4/IPv6 routing?
  • Can systems correctly assign and scale IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for Internet access?
  • Can we ensure QoS for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic for increasing subscribers and load?
  • Are tunneling and translation implementations sufficiently robust?
  • What is our NAT table capacity and forwarding performance?
  • How are application responsiveness and performance impacted as transition / translation mechanisms are pushed to their limits?

Ixia: The Industry's Most Comprehensive IPv6 Test Solution

Ixia's comprehensive IPv6 test solutions assess readiness, equipping Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) and service providers to fully evaluate individual devices, systems, and end-to-end networks. Testing includes using IxNetwork™ and IxN2X™ to emulate the full range of protocols used in today's IPv4, IPv6, and transitional dual-stack networks, as well as fully stressing the data plane and associated tunneling/translation implementations of each device.

Ixia provides the industry's most comprehensive IPv6 test solution
Ixia IPv6 test solutions stress systems and devices by emulating clients, network devices, and servers generating bi-directional IPv4/v6 control and data plane traffic

Ixia Ixia BreakingPoint Actionable Security Intelligence (ASI) solutions test the resiliency of devices and systems under dual-stack conditions. Based on a patented network processor architecture, ASI provides native support for both IPv4 and IPv6, enabling the security of infrastructures to be validated quickly and easily, before and after deployment.

Ixia solution features extensive protocol support and the industry's highest port-density to deliver cost-effective, high-scale assessment of all critical IPv6 implementation aspects including:

  • Validating the ability to support dual-stack test for IPv4/IPv6 traffic while maintaining performance, security, and the stability of IT infrastructures
  • Testing all system aspects in an end-to-end access or core network (dual-stack routers, aggregation switches, BRASs, DSLAMs, servers, NAT devices, etc.) individually or collectively
  • Assessing throughput, connection rate, and concurrent session capacity of IPv6 devices, which often underperform IPv4 devices
  • Measuring the impact of address translation techniques such as NAT on infrastructure resiliency
  • Validating the ability of firewalls, IPS devices, and other security equipment to stop threats in IPv6 as effectively as in IPv4
  • Providing wire-rate traffic generation and realistic QoE measurements
  • Identifying and addressing interoperability issues among devices from different vendors

Ixia solutions deliver insight through real-time monitoring, real-world testing, and predictive analytics. This end-to-end visibility provides organizations with complete understanding into user behavior, security vulnerabilities, network capacity, application performance, and IT resiliency. From the lab, to the network, to the cloud – only Ixia IPv6 test solutions optimize networks and data centers to accelerate, secure, and scale application delivery.

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