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MPLS-TP: Overview

MPLS-TP Components

MPLS-TP is a low-cost L2 technology that supports connection-oriented packet transport services with a similar degree of predictability, reliability, and operation, administration, and maintenance (OAM ) found in existing transport networks. As such, it has garnered tremendous interest from the service provider community and will be a key area of product development for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) over the next several years.

Test equipment will play a critical role in the functional, interoperability, and performance validation of MPLS-TP implementations. Ixia's IxNetwork™ is the only test application that supports new MPLS-TP technologies. IxNetwork helps to accelerate the development and deployment of MPLS-TP features and functionality including:

  • In-band OAM using G-ACh/GAL encapsulation
  • On-demand or proactive OAM generation
  • Data plane Control Word (CW) inclusion
  • Static LSP and PW provision
  • OAM: Continuity Check (CC) and Connectivity Verification (CV)
    • Y.1731 CCM
    • BFD CC/CV
    • LSP Ping and Traceroute
  • Automatic Protection Switching (APS) with various protection modes (1:1, 1+1, Revertive)
  • Per LSP/PW protection switchover time measurement (< 50 ms)
  • High scaling MPLS-TP tunnels with CCI at 3.33ms
  • MPLS-TP and MPLS interworking