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Maximum Performance, Minimal "Margin" for Error

What impact is latency having on electronic trades?
Do authentication techniques comply with industry best practices?
How secure are mobile transactions? Data centers? Disaster recovery sites?

Electronic trading, online banking, and classic financial services run on the world's most sophisticated systems, governed by the most stringent regulatory requirements and unforgiving customers. Providing these services demands a level of performance, reliability, security, and risk mitigation unparalleled in other industries.

When milliseconds mean millions, there's no room to speculate about network capabilities, or the impact of changing conditions and foreseeable threats. There's no recourse for failing to validate data center redesigns, backup systems, compliance, and virtualization of resources.


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Ixia: Mitigating Risk While Optimizing Quality

To mitigate risk stemming from communications systems, Ixia works with the world's largest financial organizations to model, stress, and verify network initiatives and investments at each critical juncture. From the trading floor and data center to international brokers and foreign exchanges, our solutions enable evaluation and optimization of technology investments before, during, and after you deploy:

  • Minimizing latency and related liability
  • Consolidating data centers and converging or virtualizing resources
  • Maintaining standards compliance
  • Expediting migration to IPv6
  • Optimizing WAN performance worldwide
  • Leveraging investments in 100 Gigabit Ethernet

Trusted by world-leading network and service providers, Ixia solutions for Pre-deployment, Quality, Wireless, and Security testing help preclude and minimize margin for error across global networks and Data Centers. Browse our solutions or consult with our Professional Services Experts on how best to mitigate irreparable risk and outpace global change and competition.

Technology solutions include: