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Testing Multiplay Networks and Services

Testing Multiplay

Multiplay includes the delivery of voice, video, and data services to end-users as a unified service. Multiplay services are typically delivered using voice over IP (VoIP), streaming media, broadcast TV, video on demand (VOD) and high-speed Internet (HSI) over Ethernet, DSL, or cable connection.

Testing multiplay services requires overcoming multiple challenges brought about by the different characteristics of voice, video, and data traffic. Voice traffic consumes fairly low bandwidth but is highly-sensitive to network jitter. Video services require a steady stream of high-bandwidth traffic, but are severely impacted by packet reordering or loss. Data services such as web browsing, peer to peer, file uploads and downloads, and other end-user interactions have application-specific requirements. For a successful multiplay service deployment, the interactions of voice, video, and data traffic and their impact on an end-user's experience must be measured.

Ixia's IxLoad provides a comprehensive solution for testing multiplay networks and services. IxLoad measures application performance by creating realistic networks that emulate hundreds of thousands of users using complex combinations of services. This allows network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to get to market faster with reliable products, carriers and service providers to properly provision their networks, and enterprises to ensure the smooth integration of new services.

Ixia's Anue Network Emulators validate network-based products, applications, and services under real world conditions with standards-based test suites and network models. They use a unique hardware-based architecture that provides the performance and repeatability necessary to authentically-emulate the real-world networks that run your applications and storage solutions. Network conditions include access bandwidth, bandwidth congestion, delay, delay variation (jitter), link failure, time drift, route flapping, reordered packets, and packet drops as well as MEF-18 and ITU-T G.8261 Test Suites and TIA-921 / ITU-T G.1050 Network Models.

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