WaveDeploy - Ixia | Deliver On

WaveDeploy lets you see exactly what your users see and hear - before, during & after WLAN deployments - using the same test technology leading WLAN vendors trust.

With a single sweep of a facility, WaveDeploy delivers actionable insight into:

  • Quality of Experience (QoE) from the user point of view
  • Application performance for voice, data, video
  • Network versus client issues
  • "What if" scenarios for adding users, applications, capacity
  • Vendor performance and management

WaveDeploy leverages Ixia's powerful traffic generation capabilities to enable performance in real-world scenarios to be quickly and easily assessed at scale.

NOTE: WaveDeploy Basic is no longer supported. For more information on WaveDeploy Pro and WaveDeploy Expert, click here

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