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"Ixia is thrilled to merge our culture of innovation with Keysight’s. Keysight is a company that does not like being #2 in any market. Our combined, entirely complementary resources will continue our #1 position in test and help propel us to #1 in the visibility market."

Bethany Mayer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ixia
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We provide testing, visibility, and security solutions to strengthen applications across physical and virtual networks.

Organizations use our tools and capabilities to test, secure and visualize their networks so their applications run stronger.

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Ixia provides total visibility, test, and security solutions across your physical and virtual networks so your teams—and your tools—make exactly the right decisions at exactly the right time.  See our solutions.

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A European service provider was looking for a visibility solution to make its applications stronger, improve customer quality of service, and enable the delivery of lawful intercept information for regulatory compliance. Learn how Ixia helped extend the lifespan of their tools and save $200,000 with better network monitoring.

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This large health insurance provider uses server virtualization to achieve scale and efficiency. They needed a visibility solution to secure network traffic between virtual machines while filtering out personal data to maintain compliance. Read how Ixia helped them find a solution that saved them 11 months and $300k.

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A leading financial institution based in the Middle East needed to make their inline security capabilities stronger while controlling costs. The solution was to implement the Ixia Security Fabric™ as part of a visibility architecture which allowed the customer to reduce their high availability solution costs by $680,000.

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“Ixia takes a unique approach to bypass switches,” said Jim Duffy, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. “Ixia’s iBypass switches are fully independent from network packet brokers, which increases network availability and reduces the risk of failure.”

Jim Duffy, Senior Analyst
“Our software has to be rock solid at high connection rates, or our customers can lose revenue or ruin their good reputation. So we live and die by setting the highest quality standards in the industry.”
Justin Barney, President and CEO, ScaleArc
“We were trying to stay ahead of steadily increasing traffic volumes, coupled with the growing need for robust digital security and network visibility.”
Cam Beasley, Chief Information Security Officer, University of Texas

“We are pleased that Ixia has moved so quickly to add 50-Gigabit Ethernet testing capabilities to the Xcellon-Multis platform, and now offers complete testing capabilities for 10/25 and 40/50/100-Gigabit Ethernet deployments.”

Kevin Deierling, vice president marketing, Mellanox Technologies