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  • How many users can my VPN gateway support?
  • How long does the connection establishment take when a lot of users are connecting?
  • How much throughput does the gateway support when a large number of users are connected?
  • How much bandwidth per tunnel can my infrastructure sustain?

Is Your VPN Deployment Ready for a Crisis?

VPN infrastructure is mission-critical for daily enterprise operation. It is even more vital when a crisis hits and business continuity depends on most employees working from home. In a very short time, your IT organization will need to provision enough VPN capacity for the usage surge and validate that all employees can securely access resources in the internal network to remain productive. 

vpn gateway assessment

Keysight’s Turnkey Assessment Service

Keysight can quickly check the capacity and performance of your VPN gateways. Instead of hoping you have properly dimensioned and deployed your VPN gateways or waiting for employees to report connectivity issues, Keysight can proactively provide a turnkey assessment service using the emulation of distributed SSL VPN clients, in a controlled manner.

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