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Ixia Breaking Point
All-in-one applications and security testing platform
Instant performance assessment of complex networks from pre- to post-deployment.
Ixia IxLoad
L4-7 performance testing for multiplay services, application delivery platforms, and network security appliances
IxLoad VE
L4-7 application performance testing of virtualized compute and network elements
Ixia IxLoad Wireless
End-to-end performance testing for wireless networks and components
Reliable data access products to augment the monitoring of live network traffic
Help Protect from
Zero Day Malware Mutations
10/100 to 10/100/1000 Port Aggregator Tap
Simultaneous passive access to aggregated full-duplex traffic
100/50/25 GbE Load Modules
World’s first 100/50/25GbE test solution
100GE High Density Advanced Packet Processor
The most scalable network visibility solution in the industry just got better
1Gb Fiber Port Aggregator
Ultra-efficient access to aggregated full-duplex traffic for critical links
400GE QSFP-DD and CFP8 Load Modules
World's first 400GE test solution to speed your time to market
Advanced Feature Module
Process packets at line rate and prepare data for analysis by security and monitoring tools
ATI Processor
Gather real-time application data for actionable insight into network activities
application and threat intelligence subscription
Your subscription for security
Application Controller
Optimization of test application performance
ATM Load Module
Router and broadband aggregation device testing
Bypass Switches
Failsafe devices to ensure uptime and high availability of monitoring and security deployments
ControlTower Image
Centralized and intelligent monitoring of physical, virtual, and SDN networks
Image of the NTO-5263
High-density, NEBS Level 3-compliant 40GE/10GE/1GE network monitoring switch
ControlTower Member NTO 5268
High-density network monitoring switches designed for large, complex data centers
ControlTower Supervisor NTO 5260
Manage complex, distributed environments easily from a single user interface
Ixia Developer
Agile application performance and security resilience test tool to help developers find bugs early
Smart filtering to direct traffic of interest to monitoring tools
Ixia Flex Tap Passive Fiber Optic Tap
Deliver total traffic visibility for network monitoring and security tools