BreakingPoint QuickTest

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BreakingPoint QuickTest offers concise and actionable test scores for faster result analysis, and complete automation for continuous assessment. Test suites include:

  • Performance: to measure system performance while handling various types of application traffic mixes that include encrypted traffic
  • NetSecOPEN: to validate the device or system against NetSecOPEN standardized tests, industry guidelines and best practices for testing modern network security infrastructure including firewall, next generation firewall (NGFW), intrusion protection system (IPS), and threat detection solutions and services
  • Encryption Performance: to measure the system performance of TLS inspection devices or networks, while handling traffic encrypted using various types of ciphers and key sizes
  • Security: to validate the effectiveness of a security device or system in mitigating attacks and breach attempts while maintaining traffic continuity


BreakingPoint QuickTest Performance Suite

Change management is a great challenge to IT teams. A bad change can result in application downtime and could even make headlines. The BreakingPoint QuickTest Performance Suite helps IT teams overcome the risks coming from continuous demands for change. Change comes in many forms: an introduction of new technology, updating or patching existing infrastructure, and making changes to network/security infrastructure based on security, business demands or user requirements. Each change comes with the challenge to ensure the change works as expected and make sure nothing has broken. For example, this suite helps understand the impact of enabling anti-virus policies in a firewall on business applications by running a performance assessment. Before applying the policies, BreakingPoint QuickTest shows the mix of application traffic achieving a steady “A” grade with line-rate performance. However, when the policies are enabled, the QuickTest user will see the impact on that same run-time traffic, which has degraded to a “B” grade, along with insights on the impact of the changes. 

Performance Assessment Score Screenshot
Figure 1: BEFORE-CHANGE: An assessment for business application performance provides consistent line-rate performance with an A grade.

Performance Assessment Score Screenshot
Figure 2: AFTER-CHANGE: Once the change is performed, the BreakingPoint QuickTest assessment accurately gauges the impact of the change in real time and assigns a new performance number.


BreakingPoint QuickTest Security Suite

Users of BreakingPoint QuickTest can determine how well their network and applications stand up to security attacks hidden under a cloak of evasions. To determine the efficacy of the network and security infrastructure in detecting and/or blocking such attacks, this test leverages common exploits, malware, malicious URL access, suspicious file downloads, and multi-vector advanced threats along with hundreds of evasion techniques. The assessment produces a report with a score and actionable intelligence about the areas where the infrastructure performed well and the areas that require significant improvement.

BreakingPoint QuickTest
Figure 3: The BreakingPoint QuickTest Security Assessment showcases a range of security exploits. 

BreakingPoint QuickTest
Figure 4: The Security Assessment within the BreakingPoint QuickTest Security suite scores the ability to protect against various types of cyberattacks and highlights areas for improvement.


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