Marie Hattar
Chief Marketing Officer

‘Instant protection’ with a ‘simple deployment’ – ThreatARMOR earns five-star review

December 21, 2016 by Marie Hattar

“ThreatARMOR is an elegant solution that immediately reduces the load on your firewalls and can easily pay for itself by negating the need to upgrade critical security hardware.”

There is no better validation for a solution than an independent third-party review, so it was tremendously gratifying that IT Pro, one of the IT industry’s most respected news portals, has given ThreatARMOR a five-star review.  The review praises ThreatARMOR’s use of use, the reporting and analytics it offers regarding cyber threats, and above all, its efficiency in blocking a wide variety of cyberattacks.

The IT Pro review highlighted several key features of ThreatARMOR:

  1. Ease of use

As the review states, we purposely have never written a user guide for ThreatARMOR – we’re that confident that you’ll find it so easy to install and deploy.  The appliance plugs straight into your existing network – IT Pro tested it live, connecting its external internet feed to the first data port and plugging the second into the lab’s firewall WAN port.

Then IT Pro’s reviewer explored the ThreatARMOR dashboard, which is designed to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible.  He quickly got to grips with the map showing countries with blocked IP addresses highlighted in red, with the associated table illustrating performance scores, the total number of blocked connections, and traffic volumes.

  1. Intelligence and analytics

IT Pro also highlighted that ThreatARMOR is powered by our specialized Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center, which delivers up-to-the-minute intelligence on a wide range of threats including malware, botnets and C&C servers, as well as hijacked IP address ranges.  The reviewer noted that each individual ThreatARMOR appliance feeds into the ATI locally, updating it as often as every five minutes – so users can be assured that newly-compromised IP addresses are added to the ATI blacklist quickly, before they can present a serious risk.

As the review underlines, because the database is not signature-based, there is no danger of false positives. Similarly, because all the IP addresses on the blocked list are updated daily, the handful of IP addresses that do revert to being benign are quickly re-allocated to the whitelist, but with a full ‘rap sheet’ on their history.

  1. Taking the heat

The review emphasized in its round up of ThreatARMOR’s pros that the appliance will quickly pay for itself by eliminating the need for costly security appliance upgrades, by reducing the processing load on them.  It also highlighted another key benefit:  reducing the burden on IT support staff.  IT staff who spend less time on firefighting, chasing false positives and trying to maintain business-as-usual can spend more time on strategic, innovative work – meaning that ThreatARMOR delivers a rapid, and ongoing return on investment.

Overall, this review by a highly respected editorial testing lab validated both the technical advantages of ThreatARMOR and Ixia’s strategic vision.  Why not find out how ThreatARMOR can benefit your organization?  Contact us for a demo here.