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$50k Makeover – We Have a Winner!

December 16, 2019 by Jason Lackey
$50K Network Makeover MC Daniel Bogdanoff
$50k Network Makeover MC Daniel Bogdanoff in Action. For bonus points name the 8 bit computer on the table in the background.


The first two weeks of December, 2019, were special for us here at Ixia, a Keysight Business. Thanks to the tireless efforts of host and MC Daniel Bogdanoff, not only did we have a $50k Network Makeover sweepstakes, but we also had a daily live broadcast featuring a new character, our IT everyman PacketBoi with his Topic of the Day. The good news is that if you missed the daily broadcasts, they are all archived for you (see below for links).

The further good news is particularly good for Eric Caverly of Irving, Texas. He won the Grand Prize, a $50k Network Makeover. Eric, we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Cue Every1's a Winner.

Here are links to the daily broadcasts:

Never fear, there will be more good stuff with PacketBoi in the days and weeks ahead.

PacketBoi in action
Mike "PacketBoi" Hodge in action. For bonus points, name the game on his shirt and the disease most likely to claim players.


In the meantime, hearty congratulations to the nifty fifty below who all won fun Ixia swag boxes with beer mugs, tshirts and other fun stuff.

Congratulations to:

  • Aaron Hobbs
  • Akex Rubin
  • Alaeddin Gabsi
  • Alex Clark
  • Alex Gallegos
  • Ankit Kumar
  • Anthony Rodrigues
  • Asvin Kumar Muthurangam
  • Biff Clark
  • Bryan Koecke
  • Charice Wilczynski
  • Christopher Boyle
  • Christopher Martin
  • Clint Milner
  • Darrell Chew
  • Edith Karlin
  • Evan Colver
  • Flavio Smirne
  • Gao Feng
  • Gregory Hedge
  • Harikrishnan Subramanian
  • Iain Cundy
  • Jaison Raju
  • James Beesley
  • Jay Lucas
  • Jeff Shultz
  • John Karakis
  • Kalyan Gaddam
  • Kamran Seraji
  • Kevin Bryant
  • Kris Lofton
  • Luis Lozano
  • Luk Wang
  • Michael Barham
  • Michael Hall
  • Miroslaw Mach
  • Ned Kelley
  • Patrick Budowski
  • Poyen Tsai
  • Prashant Mishra
  • Robert Lane
  • Rudy Wilkinson
  • Sima Chatterjee
  • Steven Brown
  • Susanta Kumar Pradhan
  • Tainan Lu
  • Theresa Hadden
  • Thomas Hartfield
  • Thomas Murphy
  • Vijender Meena

Again, we all hope you enjoyed the $50k Network Makeover as much as we did. To the winners, we will be in touch.

Thanks for reading.