Amritam Putatunda
Technical Product Manager

The Apps That Matter Most - Introducing BreakingPoint Top Five

January 9, 2017 by Amritam Putatunda

All apps are equal! Well not really, right from the start there were some apps that were more popular than others. However, after our years of collective research and polling of data, we were assured that it’s a handful of apps that generate the most traffic. In fact, in almost any segment, there are only 5-8 apps that generate 60- 80% of the traffic. Although the top apps varied as device types, operating systems, verticals, and segments change, the fact that only a few of them generate 60-80% of the traffic remained same.

BreakingPoint Top Five Gets You Testing Faster

A clear indication from the research was that if Ixia packages top apps that are segregated based on certain criteria/segments, our BreakingPoint customers can create vastly different types of real-world scenarios faster. The result is a new category called “BreakingPoint Top Five”—a collection of top five apps that generate the core network traffic for a particular segment. The app groupings are the culmination of extensive research by Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) team. The Top Five apps are grouped into segments like IOS Apps, Windows Apps, Android, etc.

BreakingPoint customers can obtain the new Top Five lists by updating to the latest ATI and searching for “Top Five” in the BreakingPoint Application Manager.


Top Five apps and their percentage distribution will vary for different segments and test conditions.


The “Top Five” app list can be browsed in the BreakingPoint Application Profile GUI

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

3But our Top Five rankings open up opportunity for debate due to the variability of data distribution. For example, HBO NOW will generate more network traffic when the fresh episodes of the next “Game of Thrones” comes out. Therefore, we have kept the “BreakingPoint Top Five” very flexible, where users can edit and change the list, increase or decrease bandwidth for particular apps, or even combine multiple app groups. For example, users can combine IOS and Android Top Five to create a realistic mobile traffic mix. Similarly, an enterprise that has a primarily windows environment with few Mac users can edit the windows “Top Five” application and add a small amount of Mac-based apps to create a customized and relevant mix for their environment.

Streaming app HBO NOW will generate major network traffic for simulations such as when the new episodes of Game of Thrones releases.

It’s a Process of Continuous Discovery

Ixia’s ATI team researches applications and attacks 24x7, continually uncovering new facts about the traffic that matters most in validating networks and devices against attack. This is well reflected with the new applications that we add each year and the hundreds of older ones that we update to its latest revision as part of our Evergreen initiative. The BreakingPoint Top Five will go through similar revisions, where we’ll add new segments and closely monitor the top five applications under each segment for any changes.

Leverage Subscription Service to Stay Ahead of Attacks

The Ixia BreakingPoint Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Subscription provides bi-weekly updates of the latest application protocols and attacks for use with Ixia platforms.