Gail Ow
Product Manager, Ixia Solutions Group

Are you Feeling the Need for Speed?

August 14, 2019 by Gail Ow

If you haven’t seen the official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick, you need to.

And if watching the trailer makes you think about your own need for speed…network speed that is, you’re not alone. We’re all feeling the need for speed, and the race to 400G and above has already started. It’s definitely not too soon to look at ways to get you there.

Despite the fact that Multimode (“MM”) fiber is more expensive than Single mode (“SM”) fiber, MM fiber is pretty much the standard within data centers due to the significantly lower cost of MM optics. The math works at 10G with duplex fibers, but less so at 100G, where getting there with MM is achieved through 20 fibers (10x10G), higher cost optics, and a loss of half (!) the maximum link length. Because of the limitation of multimode at 100G, industry pundits have long anticipated a shift in greenfield On Premises cabling from Multimode to Single Mode fiber, once the cost of SM optics come down.

And it’s happening!

A relative newcomer, PSM4 is an emerging leader in the race to 800G. 100G-PSM4 optics are comparable in price to 40G-SR4 optics, use 8 fibers like SR4, (instead of 20 like SR10), and go up to 5x the distance at 500m. And PSM4 cabling is future proof, with 400G/800G specifications expected to use the same cabling as 100G -- providing a serious hedge against the future.

Thirty years ago, Maverick and Goose felt in the most profound way, what every datacenter manager is feeling today…


PSM4. Check it out.