Gopala Namburi
Solutions Marketing Manager

Are you ready to accelerate the deployment of 5G in EU confidently?

December 11, 2017 by Gopala Namburi

A joint 5G roadmap has been agreed between European telecommunications ministers to develop 5G networks in the EU. The 5G roadmap goes in detail about the major activities like spectrum allocation to telecommunications operators. The European 5G roadmap aims to initially see 5G connectivity in metropolitan cities and along major travel and freight routes of every EU country by 2025. The Action Plan is a roadmap for public and private investment on 5G (5G-PPP) infrastructure in the EU.

EU timetable and key objectives from the roadmap:

  • Encourage preliminary trials from 2017 onwards by adopting 5G-PPP standards, and implement pre-commercial trials across the EU continent from 2018.
  • Motivate EU member states to develop national level 5G deployment roadmaps as part of the national broadband plans by end 2017.
  • To make sure that every EU member pick at least one major city to be 5G ready by the end of 2020 – ensuring metropolitan and major traffic zones have uninterrupted 5G coverage by 2025.

5G is a revolution, an evolution, and a reality. Naturally, when a roadmap is agreed upon and finalized, there is a rush to start implementing it. There is a need to properly understand the potential of 5G in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and telecommunications, connected vehicles, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) domains. Being first and best in 5G depends on how prepared you are.

Understand your 5G network design from three test and measurement angles whether you are a chipset maker, device manufacturer, network equipment vendor or a mobile operator.

  • Latency
  • Bandwidth
  • Subscriber scalability w.r.t new services associated with AR/VR

Key test areas for consideration for EU operators when implementing the roadmap:

  • Gaining pre-trial experience by testing new 5G-NR radios
  • Benchmarking of 5G equipment, devices, and network architecture
  • Subscriber modeling for increasing ARPU
  • Modeling of 5G + Wi-Fi unlicensed spectrum co-existence scenarios
  • Capacity planning to support AR/VR related traffic growth
  • Operations optimization of the mobile network core for service assurance
  • End to end testing of UE, C-RAN (cloud RAN) and EPC & virtual EPC network elements for robustness
  • Simultaneous testing of “things” in cellular and Wi-Fi IoT ecosystem
  • Validating complex RF environments with respect to beamforming and massive MIMO

Depending on the operators plans w.r.t variety of services they want to support and roll out they may need to test different devices, equipment (virtual EPC) and networks. Due to this, product designs, business plans, operator architecture, and network upgrades must progress together. Testing early can provide a substantial competitive advantage and could be the key to gaining customer trust and new business.

Are you ready to accelerate the deployment of 5G confidently?

Learn more about the 5 keys to test 5G products, networks, applications, and services by downloading our 5G infographic.

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