ATI Update 3.2.193998 Released to Strike Center

March 13, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Ixia is pleased to announce the latest update (3.2.193998) for Ixia BreakingPoint’s ATI at its Strike Center hub.

ATI Update Totals:

  • Strikes: 35383
  • Applications: 242
  • Super Flows: 1054

Ixia ATI Update 3.2.193998

Contents of this ATI Update:

  • 26 New Strikes
  • Updated Applications:
    • Sina Weibo
  • New Super flows:
    • Sina Weibo Feb 2014
    • Sina Weibo Post Feb 2014
    • WordPress Oct13 New Post

This update is available at

Additionally, the first Evergreen release of 2014 is now available. Contents of the Evergreen February 2014 Update:

The Evergreen release is now available at

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