Automation Use Cases Via Ixia API

April 1, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Closing out the first day of Interop, we had Ixia’s Greg Copeland discussing how automation can make your monitoring solutions work better for you.

There are typically two main groups within IT (depending upon your organizational structure) that need adaptive monitoring – the IT operations group and the tools group. The main driver of automation for the operations group is achieving operational efficiency to reduce manual processes and the delays/errors that those processes introduce. For the tools group, the main driver is increasing the monitoring capability for the whole network because most IT departments usually don’t have enough money to provision multiple sets of tools across the whole network.

With automation, you can monitor the pieces you need to, when you need to, because the right data is forwarded to the right destination for real-time analysis. When automation is combined with a network monitoring switch, near real-time responses can be achieved. It’s a proactive approach used to efficiently minimize security threats and dramatically decrease the mean time to repair (MTTR) for your network. Faster responses to problems result in a shorter mean time to diagnosis and a corresponding faster mean time to repair.

Greg walked us through several scenarios where automation helps improve visibility and monitoring response and effectiveness:

  • Swap in Backup Tool when Primary Tool fails
  • N+1 Probe Redundancy (Heartbeats & Failover)
  • Add Load Balanced Capacity for High Tool Port Utilization or Drops
  • Tighten Filters when Tool Capacity Exceeded
  • Swap Backup Capture Port when Primary Capture fails
  • Backup / Restore of Ixia NVS Configuration
  • Manage Ixia NVS Software Upgrades
  • Centralized Reporting on Ixia NVS Statistics
  • NMS/SIEM Integration for Alert/Event based packet capture

Ixia network visibility solutions API architecture:

  • Makes use of Ixia NVS RESTFul WebAPI
  • Issues GET, POST, PUT, DELETE commands to NVS
  • Has data represented in JSON (also XML coming soon)
  • Uses common scripting languages (e.g. Perl, Python, PHP) to execute automated sets of API Commands against Ixia NVS units
  • Allows automation scripts to be triggered from NMS/SIEM/probes in response to external events

Learn more about Ixia’s visibility solutions here.

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