Amritam Putatunda
Technical Product Manager

BreakingPoint Adds New Application Mixes Covering Healthcare, Entertainment, and Education

March 26, 2020 by Amritam Putatunda

The internet is consistently changing due to the popularity of applications, age of average users, ease of accessibility, and other countless reasons. This means that the internet traffic of 2010 has minimal resemblance to the internet traffic of 2020. So, when generating test traffic to validate the performance or security efficacy of a device or network, you need the application traffic found in your network today. To this end, Keysight staffs a global Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) team focused on researching and adding new application traffic (called “Superflows”) to our BreakingPoint ATI subscription service

With access to the latest app traffic, users can create profiles that represent the specific demography, region, or industry that they want to replicate in their testing environment. To simplifying testing for even further, we combine our Superflows to create the real-world application mixes found in the networks of specific industries. 

How Do We Compose these Application Mixes?

The advantage of working with so many security vendors and enterprise customers is that we get access to their requirements and their need for replicating certain traffic profiles that are reflective of their network. Along with this, we use network intelligence data about current application use from companies like Sandvine to create app mixes that represent the primary application traffic found in specific types of networks. [Note: This is not an app mix representative of one company or institute, but a collaboration of multiple applications]. 

Let’s take a look at a few new application mixes now available to ATI subscription service users.

Healthcare Industry Traffic Mix 

A collection of top applications seen in the networks of several healthcare providers. Ensure your BreakingPoint strike packs are up to date by searching for “HealthCare Industry Traffic Mix” in the Application Mix.


BreakingPoint Healthcare Traffic Mix snapshot showing the traffic percentage of different apps

Media and Entertainment  Industry Traffic Mix

This application mix is a representation of applications seen in the media and entertainment industry. 


Application distribution of Media and Entertainment industry as extracted from a BreakingPoint test run report

Education Industry Traffic Mix

The education industry is one of high-volume internet users generating a huge amount of traffic either for their educational needs or entertainment. This mix allows customers to test their device’s performance against a traffic mix representing an education industry traffic mix.


Education Industry Traffic Mix application mix

Sandvine Profiles Traffic Mix

We also added a few Sandvine application mix profiles based on their last published Internet Phenomenon report. In BreakingPoint, search for Sandvine to get all the older and newer Sandvine application mixes. 


The various Sandvine application mixes available in BreakingPoint 

Many More to Come

Adding new traffic mixes enables faster testing. With our ATI team, this is a continuous exercise and soon we will cover other industries like government and financial. Keep your testing current by updating your BreakingPoint strike packs with the BreakingPoint ATI subscription service that provides bi-weekly updates to provide newer and updated application mixes.


Ixia's Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Subscription provides bi-weekly updates of the latest application protocols and vulnerabilities for use with Ixia test platforms. The ATI Research Center continuously monitors threats as they appear in the wild. Customers of our BreakingPoint product have access to strikes for different vulnerabilities targeting Microsoft products, allowing them to test their currently deployed security controls’ ability to detect or block such attacks.