Andy Young, Sr. Systems Engineer at Ixia
Sr. Systems Engineer at Ixia

BreakingPoint Virtual Edition Tutorial Series: Building Your First Test and Adding Security Elements

April 27, 2015 by Andy Young

For new BreakingPoint VE (BPS VE) users, it is important to understand simple concepts like Network Neighborhoods, Application Profiles and Superflows. While Ixia provides detailed reference manuals and training to help users with these concepts, Enterprise IT administrators evaluating BPS VE can benefit from step-by-step tutorials highlighting key topics. For that reason, I have created a short series of videos covering:

  1. Starting a BreakingPoint VE Session

Provides browser compatibility information, logging in to your first session, as well as a brief summary of landing page tabs (administration, test results and sessions).

  1. Reserving Test Ports

Before running tests, users must reserve system resources (i.e., ports). This tutorial shows users how to display the physical representation of the platform, reserve ports and display the Packet Export feature.

  1. Configuring a Network Neighborhood

A network neighborhood defines the network topology of the traffic running on the test ports. This video shows users how to use the Web GUI to access preexisting network neighborhoods, import network neighborhoods and create new network neighborhoods.

  1. Building and Running an Appsim Test

This video shows users how to create and run tests and access and review test results.

  1. Adding Security to a Test

This video covers adding security components to existing tests and includes the topic of security strikes.

  1. Reviewing the Test Results

Accessing and reviewing detailed, granular test results. This video includes download and format options for test result files as well.

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