Liza Kurtz
Ixia Partner Marketing

Celebrate the “Human Element” of Security with Us at RSA

February 4, 2020 by Liza Kurtz

We hear more and more about the machines, automation, and “artificial intelligence” powering today’s cyber defenses, so kudos to RSA for bringing the focus back to square one – the Human Element.

From users failing to protect passwords to administrators determining who should access resources to the mythical hooded hackers conceiving new strains of ransomware in dark corners of coffee shops, security is all about the human element. Nowhere is this more evident than for security architects and defenders tasked with staying a step of ahead of everyone else – the men and women who will either end up heroes or headlines depending on how defense strategies pan out.

Keysight's presence at RSA 2020 will celebrate these unsung heroes and make it easier than ever for you to stay out of the headlines. We’ll be unveiling an exciting suite of products that make your existing and future security processes and tools work better – smarter not harder – and faster.

We’ll be hosting a panel discussion, “Are AI and ML Being Used Against You – and Is It Too Late to Stop It?” on Tuesday, February 25th from 3:40 – 4:30 PM (see who’s debating and register here) exploring new ways to keep outsiders from weaponizing the latest techniques to steal your data and watch your every move.

Last but in no way least, we’ll be doing what innovators do – joining forces with other innovators against a common enemy. Our live theater will feature ten-minute presentations from world-leading security partners including Cisco, Corelight, ExtraHop, FireEye, Graylog, IBM QRadar, Nozomi, Plixer, TrendMicro, Vectra, and VIAVI. Join us to see how a “better together” strategy pays dividends by saving your team time and money while helping them make them right call before, during and following the inevitable attack.

Accelerate Your Defenses with Dynamic Network Intelligence

Winning usually means being first, or fastest. For this you need up-to-the-minute intelligence from the network, be it physical or in the cloud. Keysight brings a rich history of experience and innovation with network, threat and application intelligence to inform decisions about which tools, processes and responses can best protect your data.

Visit us at RSA to see the latest innovations in “Dynamic Network Intelligence,” a single source of truth for your NetOps, SecOps and CloudOps efforts. Register for a free Expo Plus Pass (a $295 value) using the code XS0UIXIAKY so you can visit us in North Expo booth #6345 and connect with our security experts and partners.

See firsthand why networking and cybersecurity leaders, Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies worldwide rely on Keysight to  test and visualize their networks and defenses, and how you can, too.

Save time, save money, and stay out of the headlines!