Cisco LIVE Show Floor Opens with PerfectStorm One!

May 19, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Opening Ixia’s theater presentations at Cisco Live, Ixia Product Manager, Don Shin, introduced Ixia’s PerfectStorm ONE proof-of-concept-in-a-box to an overflowing crowd. Released just a few weeks ago, PerfectStorm ONE network test and assessment solutions are developed specifically for enterprise IT, operations, and security personnel. Delivered in a compact form-factor, PerfectStorm ONE condenses Ixia’s PerfectStorm massive-scale, stateful layer 4-7 testing platform to now support the enterprise. Scaling from 4Gbps to 80Gbps of application traffic simulation, the solution supports a buy-only-what-you-need business model to align with enterprise budgets and future-proof growing test needs.

For the enterprise, getting the right information to make decisions on security equipment purchasing and deployment is a primary barrier to securing networks. Data sheets that describe support for methodologies like RFC 2544 and RFC 3511 have been the traditional way to get this information, but they are not so meaningful anymore. These numbers don’t reflect how a security device will perform with the actual applications that drive your business.

Don described a case study of a bank about to purchase next-generation firewalls (NGFWs). They used device vendor data sheets to narrow down to a few vendors that, from a cursory look, could fulfil their requirements. With 3 days of testing with Ixia’s solution, the bank found that all performed about the same in a TCP baseline test. But when they applied application traffic patterns that were particular to the bank, the tests showed very large differences in how the products performed for each type of traffic. This data gave the bank the information it needed to purchase the best NGFW for its particular network.

Here’s a glimpse of the show floor action.

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