Come See Ixia Test OpenFlow at the Open Networking Summit 2014

March 4, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

It will be exciting to see the progression of SDN-enabled solutions as the third Open Networking Summit event kicks off this week in Santa Clara, CA. Ixia is a leader in the SDN space, being the first test and measurement company to join the ONF, and is the chair of the Testing & Interop Working Group. Ixia’s IxNetwork software provided the first-to-market OpenFlow v1.0 and v1.3 controller emulation for testing OpenFlow switches. Our IxNetwork software also provided the first-to-market OpenFlow v1.0 and v1.3 switch emulation for testing OpenFlow controllers. Now with the ONF offering conformance for v1.0 and developing v1.3, Ixia’s IxANVL offers a conformance test suite for OpenFlow v1.0 and (early release) v1.3. All of this will be on display at the ONS 2014 in the exhibit area. See below for details on the exhibits:

Testing an OpenFlow Controller

In a live demonstration we will showcase how an OpenFlow controller can be tested for:

  • Functional verification of the OpenFlow messages using CLI or NBI interface to the Controller and switch emulation on the soutbound interface
  • Verification of the scalability of the Controller by emulating a large number of OpenFlow switches. This can be used to verify controller/applications features like discovery and management.
  • Testing performance aspects of the OpenFlow controller including proactive and reactive fail-over as well as message rates like Packet_In and Flow_Mod

Example of testing an OpenFlow Controller using Ixia emulated OpenFlow Switches

Testing an OpenFlow Switch

In a live demonstration we will show case how an OpenFlow switch can be tested for:

  • Conformance of v1.0, and a preview of the v1.3 test suite
  • Test the functional capability (Flow_Mod, Stat query, flow forwarding..etc)
  • Test the performance including the new ONF standard Flow Table Capacity testing
  • Test the forwarding performance and fail-over switching from a primary to secondary path

Example how an Ixia emulated controller and traffic ports can test and OpenFlow Switch

We will also be sharing information on how to test Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and other flavors of SDN including VXLAN.

Come visit us at booth #507 and see our demonstrations with our partners: NEC, NTT, HP,, Extreme Networks and the Open Daylight controller.

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