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Eastwind Networks is Changing how Security and Analytics are Achieved in Public Cloud with AWS and Ixia CloudLens

November 7, 2017 by Mayra Salman

Eastwind Networks provides security analytics at scale and speed with its Breach Analytics Cloud, changing how cyber security is done. Eastwinds technology enables customers to have complete insight and hunting capabilities of their network and breach data – from their network, cloud providers, and users – with unprecedented speed and context.

To provide this, Eastwind has migrated their workloads to AWS and built a SaaS platform that gives them scale and flexibility to provide retrospective and real-time monitoring for their customers. They achieve insight for their customers with Eastwind Cloud Sensors that are deployed directly in the cloud and Eastwind Cloud Connectors that gather data from APIs and logs from cloud application providers such as GSuite (Google Apps for Work), Office365, Dropbox, Box, Salesforce and others to detect breaches and enable cloud forensics.

With its SaaS platform and the sensor and connector components both operating in the cloud, Eastwinds needed a way to successfully ensure its own current high level of network security in its AWS environment. As a security provider, Eastwind knows the importance of properly monitoring its own deployments. To achieve this, Eastwind needed visibility into packet-level data on all networks in the AWS VPC as well as packet-level data from cloud-based applications that transits their platform. Eastwind chose Ixia CloudLens to gain that packet-level data visibility in AWS, to capture, filter and get packets delivered from its platform to its network monitoring infrastructure.

With CloudLens, Eastwind can easily capture and filter data from AWS workloads, and seamlessly send the packet data to its security and monitoring infrastructure. Ixia CloudLens scales automatically as workload instances scale-in and out and at the same time, ensures that security and monitoring instances also auto-scale. Moreover, with hybrid cloud capability, CloudLens offers Eastwind flexibility in its operations. As a leader who is changing the cyber security landscape, it was imperative that Eastwind had in-depth insight into its own cloud environment.

"Ixia CloudLens provides both our customers and Eastwind itself the critical infrastructure needed to seamlessly observe and analyze network traffic across public and private clouds. Ixia’s technology lifts the burden of virtual network traffic routing, allowing Eastwind and its customers to focus on strengthening their security postures."

Paul Kraus – President & CEO, Eastwind Networks

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By leveraging Ixia CloudLens, Eastwind can get visibility into its own cloud environments, while providing customers unparalleled insight into their AWS networks.