Enhancing Virtual and Cloud Visibility with Phantom vTap

April 1, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Ixia’s Technical Marketing Engineer David Pham discussed how Ixia’s new Phantom vTap helps cloud and virtual deployments maintain high visibility at Interop 2014.

Security and Performance Monitoring tools in the market today are not capable of providing a comprehensive, raw view of traffic traversing virtual switches. This is because they cannot monitor the internal networking layer within the hypervisor. Phantom vTap deploys a module that resides in the hypervisor kernel, passively monitoring all the inter-VM traffic and capturing only traffic of interest – enabling the customer to forward the packets to any end-point tool of choice, physical, or virtual.

You need to be seeing about 80% of the traffic on your network to be sure you know what is happening, where, and why. With the growing amount of east-west traffic, only about 20% of network traffic is truly being monitored. This is unacceptable if your goal is to have network visibility and security. Ixia’s Phantom vTaps help rebalance your visibility percentages.

You can find out more about Phantom vTaps here.

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