Daisy-Yuanwen Sun
Principle Technical Product Manager

EVPN over SRv6 – Simplification with Unified Technology

August 13, 2019 by Yuanwen (Daisy) Sun

In my last blog about SRv6, I reviewed SRv6 technology and Ixia’s solution to validate SRv6 implementations. Now, over 10 months passed, there is a lot more excitement and interest in the market. Multiple SRv6 implementations, commercial deployments, and next-generation network design considerations were presented at the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress Paris 2019 in April. To keep up with the increasing demand and to help mature the implementation, Ixia continues to expand SRv6 solution coverage and improve test and troubleshooting capability.

Technology Overview

EVPN and SRv6 are proposed as technologies to build next-generation networks with simplified infrastructure and end-to-end programmability. EVPN enables both Layer-2 and Layer-3 services over SRv6 underlay infrastructure. Its added support for multi-homing, MAC mobility, and BUM traffic handling, make it an ideal technology to enable a wide variety of services using a single and unified technology to reduce the complexity of interworking multiple technologies. 

The SRv6 locator and end function are encoded in SID and attached to type 2 MAC/IP advertisement route and type 5 IP prefix route to advertise not only the reachability, but the function to be performed at egress PE, which differentiates handling of different services and enables service chaining. Type 1 Ethernet auto-discovery route and type 3 inclusive multicast Ethernet tag route can also be associated with SID for multi-homing and BUM traffic handling.

Test SRv6 with Ixia IxNetwork

With the new 9.00 release, IxNetwork now support EVPN VPWS and VPLS over SRv6. We also did an update to align with the latest specification to interoperate with other implementations. This is important as the SRv6 standardization is moving very fast in the IETF and there have been multiple instances where new revisions of one or more specification are not backward compatible with older revisions. For the data plane side, we support both best effort and SR-TE traffic to test a device under test (DUT) as the ingress, transit, and egress node.  


IxNetwork EVPN over SRv6 Emulation

We are working with leading network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and service providers to validate early development and help with trial cycles. With Ixia’s IxNetwork SRv6 solution, customers can now validate both L3VPN and EVPN services over SRv6 networks under realistic network condition and assess the performance for both control- and data-plane. For more detailed specifications of SRv6 support, please refer to the IxNetwork SDN datasheet.