Hubert Gee
Principal Solutions Architect, Automation

Get a Fast Start on Test Automation with openIxia Script-Sharing Portal

April 16, 2018 by Hubert Gee

1Have you ever started a scripting project not knowing where to go to learn more? Or been stumped by an API wondering what commands to send and in which order? These challenges to automation are universal. And no matter how good the API documentation, nothing replaces practical real-world examples of use-cases to help understand best practices in developing test scripts. Over the past years, our test automation experts have provided many test script examples to customers in all the supported languages. Some of the examples are delivered with the product, but many simply reside in the author’s archive, where they provide little help to anyone.

The Ixia Automation team is very excited to introduce a new way of sharing test automation content among our customers. We recently launched a new GitHub portal called openIxia, where we have shared a wide variety of sample scripts and libraries to help you understand our automation. You are free to use these examples as you would like to accelerate your own automation development. The key benefits of openIxia are:

  • Community-based Anyone can consume or contribute to the repository; it’s opensource and free to use
  • Central repository of samples – Including scripts and libraries written in a variety of supported languages
  • Programming techniques – Shows best practices on how to use our APIs, all within the context of accomplishing a test
  • Multiple languages – All the languages Ixia supports are represented, including Tcl, Python, Perl, ROBOT, REST
  • Multiple products – Samples are included for IxNetwork, IxLoad, IxExplorer, and BreakingPoint


To get a jumpstart on your test automation project and accelerate the API learning curve, visit openIxia. If you have any samples you would like to contribute, please contact me, the site maintainer, at

If you would like to learn more about Ixia automation, contact us through your sales manager or our website. We are here to help accelerate your automation vision.

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